Leap of Faith

Leap of FaithThere is a reason that I am at Florida Virtual School (FLVS) – my Aunt made me take a leap of faith. In 1997, a friend interviewed for Florida High School (early name for FLVS). When she came back from the interview, she said, “You need to go interview – this is made for you.” So, I went to meet with Julie Young and heard about the plans for this radical new thing called a virtual school.

After being offered a position, I went home and agonized all night. I had a nice teaching job where I knew what was going to happen tomorrow, and I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen next year and the following. This was radical – no one in the country was trying to create a public virtual school. It could fail before it even started.

I talked to my husband; I talk to my friends; but the one person that really made a difference was my Aunt. I have looked up to her all of my life as a career woman, creativity connoisseur, and amazing mother. When I called her, she said, “You have always been on the cutting edge of everything you do. This is no different. Take a leap of faith – it will be extraordinary.” I called Julie that next morning and accepted the job that has changed my life for 15 years.

As I write this, I’m sitting on an airplane flying to Pennsylvania to visit my aunt, who lies very sick in a hospital. All I can think of is how much I owe her for making me take that leap of faith to join Florida Virtual School. Don’t miss your opportunity! Whether you are a teacher or student, talk with those you love, trust that the normal can be replaced by the extraordinary, and take a leap into online learning.

Jennifer WhitingJennifer Whiting, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, joined FLVS in 1997. Her chemistry course was the first offered by FLVS. Over the years, she has assumed many roles including Instructional Design Specialist, Project Manager of large instructional technology projects, Director of Information Systems, Chief Academic Officer, and Director of Customer Experience. She is committed to keeping FLVS on the cutting edge of technology and effective pedagogy.

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