5 Ways to Finish the School Year Strong

Spring has finally arrived. And while the weather is warmer, sometimes the motivation to focus on school starts to hibernate. With longer days and more time for sunshine, check out our tips for a spring refresh that’ll help you finish strong. 

1. Embrace A Change in Scenery  

A little TLC to your learning space can go a long way to boosting your motivation and setting the right vibe to get things done. Try decluttering to help your space feel cleaner and brighter. Add photos of your summer vacation spots to remind you of what’s ahead. Or try a new study spot—we hear Florida has great weather this time of year.  

2. Try Some New Study Tips  

Strengthen your study strategies with these tried-and-true tips from your fellow students:  

  • Wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Sometimes, outside sound can be the most distracting thing of all. You don’t have to buy extremely expensive or luxurious headphones to help block out sound. Cheap foam earplugs do the trick and keep your wallet happy!”
  • Ask your family members or a friend to hold you accountable. Having a trusted friend or family member ensures you are not distracted or reminds you to keep working if you seem to be drifting into thought can be useful if you find yourself easily distracted.”
  • Don’t touch your phone…I mean it! Checking what your favorite YouTuber has posted, how many likes your Instagram post has gotten, or just scrolling through TikTok “for a second” can easily eat up hours of your time. ”

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to freshen up those note taking skills with more advice from your peers:  

  • “Personalize your notes! It makes them more fun to read.” 
  • “Cornell notes help a lot during history class.” 
  • “Use colorful pens and highlighters.” 

3. Grab Some New Gear 

There’s no dress code at Florida Virtual School (FLVS) but putting on your favorite sweatshirt or trying out a new look can help you feel ready to conquer the rest of the school year. Check out the FLVS School Store for new spring styles.  

4. Tap Into Free Resources 

Did you know you our school counselors host webinars throughout the school year with tips for helping you live your best life?! From strategies for self-esteem and success to self-care tips and Q&A sessions with professionals in cool careers—there are plenty of opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.  

Upcoming webinars include:  

Check out the Student Resource Center for more information.  

5. Plan Ahead  

Make the most of next school year with flexible, full-service online learning at Florida Virtual School. Save the date for May 16—when FLVS Full Time enrollment opens for the 2022-23 school year. Head to flvs.net/full-time/enrollment to get started.   

And no matter what, remember you’ve got this! Show us how you’re finishing the year strong by tagging us on Instagram with #NoClassroomRequired.  

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