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volunteerSometimes old “adages” are just that: old.

In hopes of pursuing new horizons in an ever-changing virtual world, maybe it is time we consider a few new theories for guidance.

A few days ago, a colleague and good friend brought up an old saying regarding volunteerism: “Always volunteer when asked, but never ask to volunteer.” 

Several thoughts ran through my mind immediately.

Did Mother Theresa wait to be asked to comfort thousands of HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and tuberculosis victims?  Did Martin Luther King, Jr. wait to be asked to lead a peaceful movement against oppression?  Did your fellow high school student wait to be asked to spend time at the local animal shelter to protect abandoned animals?  No.

These great volunteers saw a societal need, summoned their courage, and made it happen.

As the mad rush of the holiday season is in full swing, we must all stop to ask ourselves, “Where can I be of service to another?  Where can I offer my time and talents to make a difference in someone’s life?”

We are all so connected through social media and the vast Internet that we surely cannot choose to ignore the misfortune we witness online on a daily basis.  Was that Facebook post a cry for help?  Did that blog entry have an underlying tone of sadness or remorse?  It is time to volunteer without being asked.  Personally, I don’t think the word “ask” should be associated with volunteering at all.  I think “do,” “start,” and “lead” are far more respectable partners for such a noble cause!

Spark an interest in someone you know.  Share with us where you volunteer or let us know where volunteers are needed in the comments below!

Photo (right): FLVS student Jessica, one of our Facebook “Fans of the Week,” volunteers at her local animal shelter

Post by Kristen Stone, former FLVS Team Lead Staffing Coordinator

2 comments on “Asking for Volunteers

  1. Christin Wheeler, FLVS Student Activities Coordinator

    Greetings Thomas Ho!

    FLVS has a wonderful way for our students to volunteer – even virtually! – to get those much-needed community service hours. They participate in our Student Ambassador or Peer Tutoring programs to help out students and teachers in our Elluminate sessions. We certainly welcome any student interested to join those clubs to earn hours. If you have any further questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact me! 🙂 Thank you very much for your interest!

    Best wishes,
    Christin Wheeler
    Student Activities Coordinator


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