Meet FLVS Student Aubrey Quintanilla

aubreyFLVS student Aubrey Quintanilla is more than just your regular student – she’s also a springboard diver and all-star volunteer!

Aubrey started swimming when she was 10 years old after her sister received a flyer about classes. She was already involved in gymnastics when she saw the opportunity to mix the two together – it seemed nothing short of thrilling! At age 11, she started in regionals…and the rest is history!

Aubrey has been involved in a competition just about every two weeks of the year since then. Her practice schedule is just as intense – training five days a week for two hours a day (or four hours a day when she’s not in school).

She recently attended the Ivis Invitational at Miami University and placed first in her age group for springboard diving. Aubrey said she was so scared and intimidated, but that obviously didn’t stop her from showing them her best. She is now preparing for the Syncro Nationals in spring 2015, but she needs a partner and is still looking.

The Quintanilla family heard about FLVS through one of Aubrey’s diving friends who had just gone to the Worlds in Russia at age 14. Aubrey decided to give FLVS a try in 6th grade and took half of her courses online. She had so much success that she went full-time the next year.

“I can work my school around life; not my life around school,” she said. “FLVS has no drama and I can still interact with people and work freely.”

One of her favorite classes was Creative Photography, where she spent 2-3 hours taking pictures of her dog. She thought it was very exciting that she got to take selfies for her final project and learned how to judge pictures.

When Aubrey isn’t diving or working on school, she volunteers and completed 75 hours this past year at her sister’s school. She received the Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Award signed by President Obama.

“My life is booked to the second,” she added.

We can see that, Aubrey, and wish you the best of luck at your competitions and in your school work!

Post by FLVS Instructor / Former Student Activities Coordinator Christin Wheeler

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