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FLVS Book Club“Divergent,” “War and Peace,” “Twilight,” “The Madman’s Daughter” . . .

Whether or not you love the written word, or you just like a good adventure, we all have books we just adore. What better way to explore the awesomely crazy realm of the written word than with a book club! It doesn’t matter if you love romance, sci-fi, fantasy, or indie books. The FLVS Book Club provides students with entertainment and knowledge about these wonderful genres.

In the FLVS Book Club, our sponsors and student leaders make sure that your reading experience is an awesome one by offering fantastic, and sometimes hilarious, summaries of the events that transpire in books. We also play sweet games based (at least loosely) on the books we’re currently reading.

Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary journey or a task for English class.

It can be engaging, funny, and adventurous. In Book Club, we have regular meetings to engage with fellow book lovers, access to a wide variety of genres and books, and last but not least, a group of people who enjoy reading just as much as we do.

If you’re currently taking a course at FLVS, come on…what are you waiting for?! JOIN US NOW!

If you don’t believe our word, take the word of our wonderful members. Katy, a two-year member, says, “Book Club is incredibly fun! Our meetings are enjoyable and we have great conversations!”

And Hailey says, “What I love about book club is the trivia and games we play to test our knowledge of the book!” Not to mention, JD (one of our presidents) who says, “The FLVS Book Club has exposed me to new genres and new people to discuss those books with. Without the book club, I wouldn’t have read the Lunar Series or Splintered. Both excellent series.”

If this sounds like the kind of club for you or your student, why not join us?!

We would love to have you. If you are interested in participating, learn more or email our club sponsor here. Our sponsor will then email you with all the fun details you need, including everything from when our meetings are to interacting with members outside of meetings. Hope to see you at our next meeting! Until then, keep on reading friends.

Post by FLVS Students and Book Club members JD and Faith P. 

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