Can Five-Year-Olds Learn Virtually?

Did you know that there are seven times more words in today’s English language than in Shakespeare’s day? Students in the 21st century will have jobs that have not been created yet, for problems that haven’t been realized. Our world is changing! Education is changing too! Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is now teaching Kindergarten and First Grade in a way that we could not imagine 16 years ago. Can 5-year-olds learn virtually? YES!

FLVS now offers a Math / Language Arts combination class in a live, virtual session, Monday through Thursday from 9 – 11 a.m. Students are taught as if the teacher is there writing on the chalkboard in front of them. They raise their hands and get called on to answer questions.  They see video clips that take them places as if Miss Frizzle herself was driving the bus. They learn from each other, laugh, and sing. It is Kindergarten after all! They also use a state-of-the-art learning system for Math and Reading, which provides individual instruction right at the level they need.  No one-size-fits all, because kids aren’t made that way!

The Art / Social Studies class is another class offered four days a week in a live format. These two subjects are a natural fit as students explore economics, government, American history, and geography by designing currency, drawing their neighborhood map, writing and illustrating family stories, painting a picture of Florida for tourism, and making the goods traded by Native Americans. They are introduced to concepts that they will build on throughout their life; but don’t tell them that! They are just enjoying learning with the Arts!

Yes, our world and the way we learn is changing, but learning Math, Language Arts, Visual Arts, and Social Studies with core values about Honesty, Courage, and Responsibility is NOT changing, it just comes to these growing minds in a virtual way!

Post by Martha Crosier, former FLVS Elementary teacher

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