Career and Technical Education (CTE) Three-for-all!

cte 3Did you know that by taking just one (yes, just one!) course, Computing for College and Careers, and earning the Microsoft Office Specialist certification, students can not only earn one elective credit for the course, but can also use that certification to count as one of their required math credits toward graduation? If that isn’t enough, this course also fulfills the Fine and Performing Arts graduation requirement! What a great opportunity for students who want to get ahead in their high school career, free up their schedule for additional electives, or even graduate early!

But wait…there’s more! The Microsoft Office Specialist industry certification is on the Gold Standard Statewide Articulation List. That means that students who earn this certification may actually use it for three articulated college credits in identified Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science college degree programs in Office Administration! Imagine the time and money this could save in both high school and college.

It doesn’t have to stop with Computing for College and Careers, which by the way serves as a prerequisite course for our Web Development program. Many of the CTE options through FLVS lead to various nationally-recognized industry certifications that provide these same options and potentially even more articulated college credit for students continuing their education beyond high school.

Learn more about the Microsoft Office Specialist certification and other professional certifications available through FLVS courses on our website. Visit for more information about our Career and Technical Education courses and certifications.

Post by Mellissa Morrow, Former Curriculum Manager for Career & Technical Education (CTE)

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