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digital learningI often take it for granted that we have arrived in the digital age. I think there may have been two years in the early 1990s when I didn’t have computers in my classroom for student use – and once we had computers, use them we did! And then this cool thing called the “Internet” came to our schools. Our capabilities to connect students to learning resources and the real world grew exponentially.

We are so fortunate in Florida to continue to have fabulous support for digital learning, from virtual schools to classroom support. Yet, there are still places in Florida, as well as the rest of the country, where going digital is a struggle for teachers and students.

FLVS is excited to join the nation in changing classrooms everywhere through digital learning by participating in the third annual Digital Learning Day.

On February 5, 2014, this event will bring together educators and students to celebrate digital teaching and learning practices that can enhance our children’s educational experiences, and encourage everyone to take a pledge to support full integration of digital learning into our students’ lives.

Let’s start the wave by having you take a small plunge into Google+ hangouts with FLVS!

We have an exciting event planned on February 4 at noon where we will host a Digital Learning Q&A through a Google+ Hangout on Air (HOA) with our 2014 Teacher of the Year, Shawn Wigg. A Google+ Hangout on Air is like an online talk show – it’s a place to host interactive video conversations for free, then save them for later viewing. Head over to www.google.com/+floridavirtualschool and click “Follow” to get updates and more information about this great event.

If you can’t make it to our HOA, FLVS is offering several events in conjunction with Digital Learning Day. Click here and search by “Florida Virtual” to view our events, or celebrate by using FLVS resources to digitize your classroom through the FLVS Study Hall videos on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to visit the Digital Learning Page resources to jumpstart your classroom in celebration of Digital Learning Day with great ideas and lesson plans.

Let’s come together to make a difference in getting access to digital learning for every child, making a profound difference in all of our futures.

Now that our Digital Learning hangout event has passed, watch the recording on YouTube here:

Post by Jennifer Whiting, Former Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Curriculum Manager, and Educator

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