Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!

Celebrate Literacy Week 2013

The fifth annual statewide literacy event takes place January 14–18, 2013!  The Florida Department of Education hosts this amazing week of activities, including participation from students, educators, authors, artists, and community leaders. On Monday, January 14, First Lady Ann Scott, Department of Education Commissioner Pam Stewart, and author Susan Snyder will participate with the students from the Villages Charter School to kick-off Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!   Schools throughout the state will begin the Million Minute Marathon to achieve the collaborative goal of reading for 30 Million Minutes! There will be activities held daily to encourage literacy, including a Voluntary Prekindergarten simultaneous reading of Hot Rod Hamster by Cynthia Lord.

In addition to the state-level activities, school districts are also hosting local literacy events. Florida Virtual School is honored to host many unique interactive virtual events in conjunction with the Florida Department of Education.

The week kicks off at 10 a.m. on Monday, January 14 with Julie Young, President and CEO of FLVS. Throughout the week, FLVS will have numerous book chats with acclaimed authors, including many recipients of the Sunshine State Young Readers’ Award Selection and Newbery Award honorees. How cool is it to be able to listen to and talk with these writers?! There will be creative arts writing webinars on topics such as becoming a playwright and writing a college essay that will get noticed. There will be career-focused sessions as well, including lyric writing and journalism explorations.

These virtual activities are open to everyone, so please check out the complete list of authors and the event schedule and drop by!

Celebrate Literacy, Florida! What will you be reading next week?

Post by: Cassie Nielsen, Former FLVS Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

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