Celebrating Digital Learning at FLVS

Every year, FLVS faculty and staff attend In-Service Training Days in Orlando. It’s always a great opportunity to discuss educational advancements and explore new technologies. This year’s training was held in November and I truly think it’s one of the best times of the year for FLVS teachers.

Our annual In-Service Training Days give us a chance to “sharpen the saw,” collaborate, and network with other colleagues. (It’s kind of like a very productive high school reunion where you get to see your teammates face to face.) Once you get over how great your team leader looks with her new hair color, you can start brainstorming ways to make your live lessons more engaging next semester!

Here are the top 5 things I enjoyed about this year’s In-Service:

#5 Team Goodwill and Festivities

Because of Hurricane Irma, In-Service was rescheduled for the end of November – the start of the holiday season. Not only was there a festive vibe at the Rosen Centre Hotel with their beautiful lights and decorations, but I also witnessed more than one gift exchange in the hallways. It is so nice to see how much FLVS teachers and staff care for one another.

#4 Our 20th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 20 years is no small feat for an organization that so heavily relies on technology. Staying relevant and in the lead of educational technology has been a strong suit here at FLVS. And at the heart of it all: our teachers who give their best every day to ensure our students’ success.

#3 A Student Panel that Rocked Our Closing Session!

As teachers, we were honored to hear from several of our very own students. Their excitement was contagious and their words of wisdom resonated with all of us. How many of us thought we could use new video conferencing technologies to ease our students’ DBA (discussion-based assessment) anxiety when we heard Audrey talk about her nerves? Or felt relief when we heard Beverly say her favorite thing about FLVS is the live lessons? I felt that all those hours of reflecting, planning, and designing live lessons are well worth the effort.

And how incredible that almost all the students in the panel used the word “connect” at least once. Those connections between the student and teacher are what matters most. As little Jeania mentioned, we should be confident…know that our hard work and innovative ideas are having a positive impact on our students!

#2 Exciting and Innovative Breakout Sessions 

I never get tired of watching my colleagues in action…especially when they are sharing what works for them, what they are passionate about, and what keeps them excited about being a teacher at FLVS. This year’s breakout sessions offered everything from classroom-tested, ready-to-use, live lesson strategies for engagement to proven time-management tips for our newer teachers. We learn so much from each other and I can’t wait to see what next year’s breakout sessions will offer!

#1 Innovation Being Born

Probably the best-hidden treasure of our annual In-Service Training Days are those quiet conversations that happen in a corner table on the second floor or in one of those comfy booths near the lobby. When FLVS teachers get together to collaborate, magic happens. New ideas are created, molded, designed, and polished. Everyone arrives with a purpose, and after meeting with their team, they leave energized and ready to get back to work again. We feel that we have updated our teaching toolbox and we are ready to try everything we have learned to help our students succeed.

I am so glad our event was rescheduled following this year’s harried hurricane season. I heard more than once how nice it was to see everyone so close to the holidays.

Want to learn more about this year’s FLVS In-Service? Check out our students’ video feature produced by Mega News Network, our FLVS Full Time High School weekly news show. You can listen to our students, teachers, and administrators as they discuss new and innovative ways our team is working every day to improve digital learning at FLVS.

Visit the Mega News Network to view the broadcast from Dec. 4, 2017. (If you’re a teacher or staff member, you may even have made a cameo appearance!)

Did you know February 22 is National Digital Learning Day? Every year, schools across the country celebrate educational advancements and technologies that help make virtual learning possible. Check out this FLVS infographic to see how we are contributing!

National Digital Learning Day Infographic

Rose RodriguezRose Rodriguez is a passionate educator with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the classroom, both traditional and virtual. Rose truly believes that education can be transformed one student at a time and strives to bring the FLVS vision to life through innovation and the reinvention of education every day of the school year.

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