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FL Celebrates National School Choice WeekHaving choices is a beautiful thing.

And it is especially powerful to have a choice when it comes to education. For an entire week (Jan. 22-28), we celebrate National School Choice Week to help bring awareness to all of the different ways students can be educated.

Whether being taught at home, at a brick-and-mortar school, a private school, a magnet school, or even virtually, you or your children are learning, and that’s what really matters.

Here are some excerpts from our Florida Virtual School teachers describing how attending school virtually seems to be the best fit for these students:

Meet Alexa, a 4th grade gifted student who is traveling the country with The Sound of Music tour.

Alexa has chosen the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Flex program as her school of choice. This program offers the structure and the flexibility for her unique situation. It is because of the FLVS Flex program that Alexa is able to legally work around the United States and be accountable for her quality education. Her mother was unsure about the program being rigorous enough for Alexa’s gifted needs, however, it did not take long for Alexa’s family to see how much enrichment the program actually offers for varying needs.

Bradley, a 2nd grade student, is from a Florida resident military family stationed overseas in Kuwait.

Even with the time difference, Bradley attends live lessons each Tuesday and Thursday in the late afternoon, before dinner. His parents chose FLVS to ensure that he is learning the same skills as if he were still in Florida, and are happy that Bradley will be able to have a stable learning environment wherever their military endeavors take them in the world.

Andrew, a 1st grade student, has Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) type SS.

This is one of the most active types of SCD which is very debilitating when Andrew goes into crisis. Thanks to FLVS, Andrew is able to learn and participate in school without the exposure to illnesses. The FLVS Flex program is so important to the family because he can be in the hospital for any length of time and not lose out on so much learning. A virtual program is the best choice for Andrew because he can still participate in class, interact with the other students, and still have time to complete his work.

As you can see, there are all kinds of reasons that someone may choose to have their children educated virtually. Whether it be for health reasons, learning issues, emotional stresses, or just wanting their children to have more freedom outside of school to pursue dreams, getting to choose how their children are educated is their right as a parent.

Visit to learn more about National School Choice Week and how you or your students can participate.

Post by Holly Sagues, Former Executive Director of Governmental Affairs & Strategic Solutions

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