Election Day: Go Vote!

votedToday marks the end of the numerous political ads, signs, and chatter between colleagues about political candidates (until the next election, anyway). November 4, Election Day… let me tell you a little bit about what this day feels like to us in the policy world.

Today is a day where everyone involved waits. For candidates, there are no more efforts to be made – no more campaign stops or debates. For us policy devotees, there are no more “what if” scenarios running through our heads. It’s finally time to get an answer. It’s time to find out who our elected officials will be. But believe me, the wait feels like forever!  

While I’ve never been a candidate (but know many), it’s probably one of the most intense days they will ever have. I once had a conversation with a former State Senator who told me that unless you have been through it as a candidate or a family member of a candidate, you have no idea what it feels like. He told me I couldn’t even imagine what campaigning is like, though he tried to explain it to me. He recalled the endless hours, hundreds of meetings, the majority of his plans going awry, the numerous steps from door-to-door visits, and sadly, the circumstances his family endured from the campaign pressures. What he remembered most were those that stood by him. He told me that on Election Day he thought back to all of those that walked with him, met with him, held a sign for him or supported him in smaller ways. Election Day could be the day for him to start showing his appreciation by making good policies.

As it comes to an end for candidates, it just gets started for me and others in similar positions. After the results are revealed, I’ll be working with my team to gear up for the 2015 legislative session and finalizing our priorities. Soon we’ll know who will be sitting on particular committees and with who we need to start meeting. Our legislators strongly influence public education – including FLVS. It’s my job to educate them on our successes and challenges. As education sees more change and turns toward increasing access to virtual and blended learning, it’s important they have our insight.

This year hosted a few really closes races around the country, including our own Governor’s race. “What will tomorrow look like?” we all wonder…but we just have to wait and see. Please go vote!

Photo by: Troye Owens

Post by Holly Sagues, Former Executive Director of Governmental Affairs & Strategic Solutions

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