Find Yourself in a Book for Celebrate Literacy Week

In a society where we are constantly on the go, it is often difficult to find moments reserved for peace and quiet. It is rare to see someone sitting on a bench or on a beach with a book in hand, enjoying the day.

As we prepare for Celebrate Literacy Week with FLVS, I challenge you to consider what it truly means to find yourself in a book, this year’s Celebrate Literacy Week theme. Personally, I am my most balanced in life when I am taking the time to slow down, taking in the peace and quiet, and getting into a book.  It generally means that I am balanced in other areas of life as well.

Whether it is getting to know a fictional character intimately or taking a closer look at myself with a nonfiction or motivational selection, there is always a level of searching oneself and growth when I take the time to read. The Big Friendly Giant from The BFG, Ralph from The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and Omri from The Indian in the Cupboard were my playmates in my early childhood. They enabled my imagination to run wild with curiosity while Margaret from Judy Blume’s, Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? helped teach truth behind some of life’s struggles during middle school.

In adulthood, I continue to find myself as I explore various genres. The most valuable moments I spend turning pages are during my morning quiet time spent in the Bible. Regardless of what you enjoy reading, one thing is certain: reading is life changing. Reading teaches us to show empathy for others and question the world while examining how the text forever alters our perceptions and influences life choices.

What piques your curiosity, makes life seem a little lighter, or challenges you to become a better version of you? Invest in yourself, slow down, explore what you enjoy reading. Have a wonderful Celebrate Literacy Week, 2018.

To view the schedule of events for the week, CLICK HERE  

CLICK HERE to join Monday’s opening ceremony hosted by your Literacy Team, Dr. Jodi Marshall, and guest speaker Mike Cooney, author of Cooney World Adventures: Backpacking with Teens Through Latin America.

Post by Marie Messick, FLVS Literacy Coach

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  1. Megan Fig

    I attended the kickoff today at 10 AM and the Literacy Week so far is really fun! I am a 5th grade student, and I really enjoy the events that my teachers have planned. 🙂


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