FLVS Brain Challenge: Week 2

FLVS Brain Challenge Week 2
What’s your impossible?

This week, we’re recognizing @kcthescootergirl16 from Instagram for the #FLVSBrainChallenge! Do you think you can do a 180-degree jump on a scooter? Show us your moves and your video could be our next featured entry!

Explore new horizons and soar to new heights by joining the challenge!

Simply share a video of you learning something new on Vine or Instagram and you could win our prize of four tickets to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center!

The possibilities are endless!

Shoot off a rocket in your backyard or learn how to maneuver a remote control helicopter. Need more inspiration? Check out our flash card idea-generator below!

starter cards

Remember, your video doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Try learning something as simple as counting to ten in Swedish, or…

Build a water fountain with PVC pipes.

Learn how to mime.

Master a new yoga pose.

Try a new karate move.

Do a high dive.

Change the oil in your car.

Create origami art.

Play banjo.

Walk on your hands.

Learn how to do CPR.

Ride a unicycle.

Do a magic trick.


If you missed last week’s entry, be sure to take a look hereLearn more about our contest and how to enter here.

Post by Marissa Draeger, FLVS Digital Marketing Specialist

Marissa DraegerMarissa Draeger, FLVS Digital Content Manager, joined the Marketing & Communications team in 2012. She helps build a sense of school community by engaging students and families through creative content that inspires, connects, and educates.

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