FLVS Flex Elementary Gives Students Unique Opportunities

This article was originally written and published in the FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click.

FLVS Flex Elementary InfoThe Florida Virtual School Flex Elementary program provides students with a flexible learning schedule and opportunities to pursue passions such as gymnastics, coding, or art at a young age.

“The program was created and is centered around the students,” said Rick Rizzo, FLVS Flex Instructional Leader. The program typically consists of five comprehensive classes: Reading, Technology, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics.

The typical week for a student includes three independent working days, and two teacher-led days of class time, comparable to the live lessons from the middle and high school program of FLVS. “The Class Time sessions allow the teacher and students to develop positive relationships and create a school/classroom community,” said Rizzo. “The students enjoy interacting with the teacher and really get excited to see their online friends each week.”

The program also gives elementary-age students the opportunity to meet their peers and teachers in person. Last year, over 600 parents and students attended an end of the year field trip to Legoland on April 29. Rizzo personally recounts field trip attendance as one of his favorite experiences since becoming Instructional Leader. “Being able to talk with families and see their genuine happiness with the teachers and program helps us realize that we are creating something great and something that will change the lives of families throughout Florida.”

In light of Teacher Appreciation Day, FLVS students and administration were eager to thank teachers for all of their hard work. “The teachers make FLVS Flex Elementary unique,” said Rizzo. “They are highly qualified and extremely dedicated to meeting the needs of every student in the program.”

Rizzo hopes that FLVS Flex Elementary students carry lessons from the program, both academic and personal, with them as they pursue academics in middle and high school. “I hope they develop a love of learning and happy memories of their elementary experience.”

To learn more about the FLVS Flex Elementary Program, make sure to attend the weekly information sessions held by FLVS staff.

This post was written by Olivia Horne and originally published by the FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click.

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