FLVS Student Wins the US Open Boys’ Doubles

Blog_cover_tennisFLVS Full Time student Martin Redlicki practiced tirelessly to win the US Open boys’ doubles on Saturday, September 7th.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also is taking senior level courses, with two of those courses being Honors, here at FLVS.

Martin certainly had a unique experience at the tournament. He played with 17-year-old Kamil Majchrzak from Poland.  The two had never teamed together before this event.  “This is like the biggest tournament in the US by far.  To be an American and to win this tournament was an amazing experience,” said Martin.

Mrs. Shellenberger with student Martin Redlicki


FLVS has provided a unique opportunity for Martin.  He is able to focus on his tennis career while maintaining his academic requirements to graduate on time.  “As a freshman, I was travelling all over.  I missed around 30 to 35 days of school and found myself getting into a hole with my public school.  I was able to make up my work, but I missed important class discussions.  However, with FLVS, I can take my school with me anywhere.  I can access and do my classes anywhere in the world and I don’t miss anything.”

Also, he is still able to create connections with his teachers.  He was placed in Kellie Shellenberger’s homeroom and Economics course the day before the tournament.  Hearing about the upcoming event, she texted him good luck and joked about possibly getting tickets.  He jumped at the opportunity and gave her and her husband tickets to the US Open event.  “My favorite moment was when he ended the tournament with an ace.  He dropped his racket and started celebrating with his mother and teammate.  I felt privileged to a part of something so important in his life.”

These types of connections are made with our students every day.  “It’s what keeps me going,” said Mrs. Shellenberger.  “It has opened up our line of communication because of this type of relationship.  That’s why we put in the long hours.  Getting to visually see the lives you’re impacting makes a big difference.”

Martin plans on attending Duke University in the fall of 2014 with his brother, who is already there.  He has received many scholarships.  After he completes his degree, he hopes to join the professional tour to continue his tennis career.

Post by FLVS Instructor / Former Student Activities Coordinator Christin Wheeler

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