FLVS Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week!

FLVSTAWTeacher Appreciation week is the one week per year where the focus is on what an important role our teachers play in the lives of our students.

We hope you take time this week (and every week) to reflect on the awesome ways in which teachers influence the future. Our virtual teachers at FLVS may receive virtual flowers and gifts of thanks, but I hope all of our instructors know that their impact on lives is very real.

At FLVS, our instructors use instructional strategies to personalize learning every day of the week, all day long. From the first Welcome Call where teachers establish the important bond needed to motivate and inspire, to the final call where encouragement and the password are given for the last assessment, our teachers personalize learning for students.

Their actions and communications each day are aimed at ensuring students know how important it is that they are successful. Students know they are cared for because of the ways our teachers treat them as individuals.

How do we know? The envelopes tell us.

Here are just a few “Oscar Nods.”

“Good afternoon! I just completed a class with Mrs. McIntosh. I want to tell you what a great teacher, coach, and cheerleader she is. I am a senior and need this class to graduate from high school. Mrs. McIntosh would check in with me regularly to see if I needed help. She always offered her assistance as well as her positive thoughts to my success. I enjoyed her weekly emails telling about all of her adventures also. I was able to a part of the world through her eyes that I may not otherwise get to see.”

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful teacher Mrs. O’Connor is. My daughter Sarah is in her geometry class right now. My daughter is fairly new to FLVS, she’s only taken a few other classes, so the entire concept and many of the expectations are new to her. Sarah is a cancer survivor and has some treatment related side effects with processing speeds. In addition to that, she can sometimes struggle with writing assignments, again due to treatment-related side effects. Mrs. O’Connor has been wonderful to work with; she is exceedingly prompt. More importantly she provides clear, concise, and meaningful feedback to my daughter. The feedback element may seem small, but in the online environment of FLVS, I feel it is one of the most important aspects of the teacher’s job. Mrs. O’Connor’s prompt and detailed feedback has been a blessing. I’ve watched my daughter begin to build confidence and blossom. She also quickly understands where she made any mistakes thanks to the detailed feedback; learning from your mistakes is also critical in the learning process. Mrs. O’Connor is involved and engaged with my daughter and because of that I’m certain my daughter is going to gain far more than geometry knowledge from being in her class.”

“I am happy that I have Mr. Scroger as my physical science teacher and I will always remember him as I climb to try to achieve my goals. He is a great teacher! He seems to be able to connect with us better than most teachers I’ve had! He also knows when we can do better on a quiz or writing assignment and encourages us to be great. All together he is one of the best teachers I’ve had and I wish he could be my teacher this upcoming year. I want to become a medical engineer and Mr. Scroger has helped take the next step to get there. He isn’t just my science teacher he is also a very good friend. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

Teachers, we know that the student truly is at the center of the decisions you make, the phone calls you take, the emails you send, and the feedback you give.

Your interactions are authentic and path-changing.  Your virtual presence has inspired and moved students in ways that they will forever remember.  You will be the one they recall when asked “who was the best teacher you ever had and why?” They will remember the time you spent and the way you cheered them on.  This week and every week, remember that you are a star.

Thank you!

Post by: Robin Winder, Senior Director of FLVS Part Time Instruction

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  1. Stella S.

    I just wanted to say that Mr. Seng is pretty awesome. He gave me a lot of encouragement during my segment 1 history class. He helped me out and gave me constructive criticism a lot, and I believe that it helped me a lot in the process of earning my A in his class.


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