Get Ready for College!

college_coverNow that you’ve survived the New Year and enjoyed some time off from work or school, it’s time to hit the ground running and tackle the world!

While you are in a motivated mindset, let’s make sure you or your student(s) have everything needed to be college-ready.

The Federal Student Aid Office has many resources to help students prepare for college. One of those resources is a handy checklist.

Start by downloading the College Prep Checklist.pdf (other accessible versions and resources are available here) and check out the Your “To Do” List organized by grade.

Senior Shout Out!

Seniors, you may be on target with your to-do list, but if you have fallen behind on some of the tasks, don’t worry. Jump to page 18 of the checklist to read your section. Here’s the shortened version (there are additional items on the checklist).

1. Keep up the hard work and stay involved in after-school activities.

2. Take the exams requested by colleges (SAT/ACT).

3. Apply for colleges.

4. Encourage your parents to complete their income tax forms ASAP.

5. Apply for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Do you think college will be harder than high school? Check out this video:

Post by Sarah Powers, Former Instructional Designer at FLVS

One comment on “Get Ready for College!

  1. Collins Francis

    Most students assume that if a college or university offers the course then it’s a okay to sign up for the course. In the end most college graduates are ramp with all kinds of courses that offers academic certification but do not make them qualified for the current job market scenario.


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