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Florida Virtual School (FLVS) recently introduced its elementary offerings internationally, making FLVS Kindergarten-5th grade curriculum available through FLVS Global. Now students outside of Florida can enroll directly with FLVS Global Elementary School. Meet two elementary families from New Jersey and Pennsylvania who are glad they chose FLVS for their child’s online education!

Jack, 3rd Grade 

This year, families were surrounded by uncertainty as they waited to see how their local schools and districts would handle the COVID-19 pandemic. FLVS parent Jon shared that he began looking for alternative options when his son’s school hadn’t announced back-to-school plans by June. Through his research, he found FLVS Global and was able to reach out to FLVS Counselors to answer all his questions about the programs and courses FLVS Global has to offer students across the country. 

FLVS Global Student Jack enjoying an afternoon fishing. 

Jon shares that FLVS Global Elementary School gave his son Jack the opportunity to start his 3rd grade year with consistency in New Jersey. This year Jack has been enjoying online Computer Science and Science courses, which he supplements with coding games and activities through! Jon explained that Jack has always done well in school, but Math was a bit more difficult. Through practice and perseverance, he has overcome every obstacle that has come his way. Jack’s teacher, Mrs. Barlow, has been a great source of support throughout his experience, helping “make this year feel like a traditional 3rd grade. Jack really likes her and loves all the encouragement she provides.” 

Minah, Kindergarten  

Kindergarten student Minah is an FLVS Global Elementary School student from Pennsylvania. Due to the pandemic, her family also made the decision to enroll in an online learning program where Minah could learn from the safety of her own home. Minah’s mother, Paloma, explained that it did take time to adjust to online learning, but she has found that “the interactive part of the lessons, that to her may seem like a game, are a clever way of teaching kids who are so attuned to anything electronic.”  

“I like school online because it’s fun. I love Kindergarten!” – Minah 

With FLVS activity sheets, FLVS Kindergartener Minah can practice her numbers and colors. 

Out of all her courses, Minah enjoys Art and especially Math with her teacher Mrs. Schmidt. Paloma says Mrs. Schmidt has been a kind and engaging teacher, offering valuable feedback and support. “She’s excited to learn addition and wants to practice counting to 100… it has been wonderful to see her get so excited when she can read words.”  

Does your family live outside the state of Florida or know someone looking for an online school option?  Learn more about FLVS Global School for grades Kindergarten-12.  

For schools and districts seeking ways to support online learning, FLVS Global offers several options for schools to incorporate our curriculum into their educational offerings.    

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