Make the Choice to Move Forward

remote Stop and think about your life’s journey so far.

Some of us are just getting started on school, many are at the beginning of our careers, and others are nearing retirement. The reality for all of us is that every choice we make and action we take has gotten each of us to where we are today. You, and you alone, are responsible for your happiness or unhappiness, success or failure.

Fate and luck are of no consequence. Accepting personal responsibility is the first step to success. It is the only requirement needed to achieve goals. If you say things like, “it’s not my fault” or “life is unfair,” then you have not yet accepted responsibility for your actions.

It is not too late or too hard to change.

Accepting personal responsibility starts with you by:

•  Taking control of the choices in your life.

•  Understanding that you determine the direction of your own life.

•  Accepting that you choose how to feel, think, or act.

•  Not blaming others or making excuses for the choices you’ve made.

•  Letting go of anger, guilt, and blame for things in the past.

•  Structuring your life to manage time, stress, and obstacles.

•  Realizing that no one is coming to your rescue, except for you!

Make the choice to move forward. Accept responsibility. You can create the life you want and deserve.

The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.  – Hal Elrod

Amy LaGrastaAmy LaGrasta, Flex School Counseling Senior Manager, helps students make informed decisions about courses, career and college options, and the study habits needed for online success. Prior to joining FLVS, she served as the guidance director at Estero High School in Lee County, FL where she was honored with the Teacher of Distinction award.

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