FLVS DBAs: Options and Alternatives

Blog_DBA_FollowupIf you missed our Facebook Live Q&A about discussion-based assessments, don’t worry! In this post, we’re sharing a great video recap that covers everything you need to know.

At FLVS, we want students to be successful and completely comfortable when learning online. This includes discussion-based assessments (DBAs).  Even though some students may get nervous or anxious, just remember that DBAs are simply a verbal conversation between you and your teacher.

DBAs are one of the ways we ensure academic integrity (and make sure that it’s actually you doing the work). This is why teachers need to hear directly from you! They will be referencing the work you have done and speaking to students and parents multiple times throughout the course, so there is a common thread of communication that helps teachers connect a face (or voice) to the same student they see in live lessons and through submitted work. DBAs are also there for teachers to help you!

To get ready for a DBA, you can use any notes you have taken, your assignments, and lessons. You can contact your teacher to see if they have any other specific resources for their course to help you prepare.

There is a myth that DBAs can only be completed over the phone and that is not true! Your teacher does need to hear from you directly, but there is no rule or policy that your DBA be held over the phone. DBAs are verbal conversation between you and your teacher, but you have lots of options on ways to do this:

  • A live lesson or their virtual office
  • FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or any other video chat
  • Phone call
  • Any other option that you have discussed with your teacher

The main thing is to not be nervous! Your teacher is there to help you succeed. If you have any questions or you get to the point when you are ready to complete a DBA, you can contact your teacher via email, text, or phone. We know you will be fantastic!

Post by Melanie Ahlschwede, English 1 Lead Instructor, & Christina Nelson, Peer Counseling Lead Instructor

18 comments on “FLVS DBAs: Options and Alternatives

  1. Anna

    I’m about to take a DBA, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use my notes during it? Am I allowed to look at my notes during a DBA?

      1. kimberly

        When I enter a live lesson it says my chat permission is turned off. I am not sure why ? I also can’t hear anything in the lives or type

        1. FLVSFLVS

          Hi Kimberly. Sometimes the teacher has the chat feature turned off during live instruction. Don’t hesitate to check with them via email or text if you are having trouble or confused!

  2. Naomi

    If you are taking a foreign language on flvs do your teachers call you (for dba’s) in that specific foreign language or do they ask the dba questions in English?


      Hi Naomi! Some teachers may use both depending upon the level of the course. However, students who are new to the language and beginner level will initially focus on vocabulary, etc. Hope this helps!


      Your teachers want to ensure that they are hearing from you – but a video call or live lesson setting (using the mic) are options you could discuss with your teacher!

  3. Jaz

    I understand DBA’s are to make sure things are going well but now my daughter has 4 dba’s per segment. That is just too much when the reason for home school is flexibility and independence. No good options at all.

    1. Alexander

      Yeah, when you get into middle school and higher, the DBA amount gets higher! It is annoying how they (my teachers at least!) never let me reschedule, they just have me get a bad score if I can not get in on time, (I have a lot of stuff happening, so it is hard to be ready for every DBA, and sometimes my availabilty changes!) which sucks.

  4. Ashley

    My daughter has a severe anxiety disorder which was the reason for homeschooling in the first place. Talking to people on the phone and doing dbas gives her anxiety to the point where she feels like she’s going to throw up. This has been an ongoing problem and the anxiety has just been getting worse. Is there any alternatives for the dbas?

  5. Alexis

    Flvs should have an alternative to being on the phone while texting the students questions about what they learned if they have anxiety over getting on the phone. I’m literally about to not get my diploma for a class because I’m too scared to get on a dba. Keep in mind I do have an A in the class but the Dbas have been stopping me from going to my next semester and I’m supposed to graduate in 15 days!!!!

  6. Sandra

    My daughter has Selective Mutism which basically means she can’t speak in certain situations. She will be physically incapable of completing these DBAs. Is there any alternative option for her that doesn’t require speaking? She gets straight A’s in school and really takes school seriously, so I would hate for her to lose points on this.


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