Meet FLVS Student Kayla

FLVS Student Kayla

Kayla loved school.
She loved her teachers.
She loved her friends.

However, she really struggled with staying focused and was morally disappointed by the various distractions at her public school. She wanted to do more, see more, accomplish more – and she did.

Kayla researched Florida Virtual School, made phone calls, and spoke with her Dad and I about doing FLVS from home for her junior year of high school.

We were a bit taken back by it, but after a lot of thought and discussion, we told her yes – but the responsibility would fall on her.

She has done an amazing job at staying focused over the past year – she absolutely LOVES each one of her teachers and wants to do this again as a senior this year! She started off with a good routine and stuck with it, allowing her to finish each day around 2pm. That gave her time to help some mothers in our neighborhood and babysit for them – and sometimes do school work after they took a nap as well. Kayla saved up her earnings to buy her very first car a couple weeks ago!

Kayla has also been taking acting classes with an acting studio and landed herself a principal role in a national commercial that has also led to other acting opportunities. She was recently part of a Disney commercial with our entire family that aired a few weeks ago on the Disney XD channel:

Needless to say, we are so proud of her – for dreaming about this, applying herself, and succeeding!

This post was written by Florida Virtual School parent, Amy Huth. Do you have a story to share about your FLVS student? Send us an email with all of the details at 

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