Meet FLVS Student Sarah Garvis

sarahgarvin coverShe’s the History Club President, a Young Marine Corporal, and about to hold a Bachelors of Theology degree before her own high school diploma. Who is this superstar? It’s Florida Virtual School student Sarah Garvis!

Sarah has been taking classes with FLVS since she was in middle school and has recently concluded her coursework with the Law Studies course.

“I have always been fascinated by government and I have such a high respect for it. I admire how the government systems run and this class taught me so much!” said Sarah.

Currently, she shares her love of government and History with other FLVS students as the History Club President at FLVS. “If you understand History, it helps you understand the present and future,” said Sarah. “I want to share that passion with our members.”

Ms. Rachel McIntyre, the sponsor of the History Club, said Sarah is a very inspirational student. “Sarah is always professional and willing to explore other ideas. Her passion for student clubs and group activities is admirable.” Visit the club website or newspaper to learn more about the FLVS History Club.

Sarah was recently honored with a special trip to New York City to represent the Young Marines, part of the Marine Corps League. She is a Young Marine Corporal in the Orlando Devil Dogs, which won the Unit of the Year award. Sarah was one of only 20 Young Marines chosen out of hundreds of thousands to travel to New York from March 8-12, 2014. During this time, she attended a UN Conference and visited other hot spots throughout the city. Sarah said she considered it a great honor and was completely humbled by the experience. Learn more about the Orlando Devil Dogs and this award here.

Sarah will also receive her Bachelors of Theology degree this December from Faith Christian University. This motivated teenager will be walking with her brother and mother as they all earn the same degree! Then, she will earn her high school diploma in May of 2015. Yes, you read that correctly—she will have her Bachelors’ degree before her diploma!

She definitely holds her own with the adults in her classes and receives top notch grades at FLVS. There is no slacking for this girl! Once she finishes her Bachelors, she says she will look into getting a Doctorate in Theology or will pursue other options for higher education.

Whatever Sarah decides to do in the future, FLVS knows for sure that it will be spectacular!

Post by FLVS Instructor / Former Student Activities Coordinator Christin Wheeler

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