Meet FLVS Student Olivia McComb

This article was originally written and published in the FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click.

OliviaFor FLVS student Olivia McComb, music is her life.

As a classic rock musician based in Sarasota, Florida, the 15-year-old has been singing “ever since she could talk.” Olivia has performed live at multiple venues singing both classic rock and 90’s music.

She says, “I entertained the idea of being a singer for many years, but when I was 11, I started taking the idea seriously and at 13 I started training my voice to sing professionally.”

A teen of many talents, Olivia primarily plays seven instruments: guitar, piano, drums and cajon, bass, ukulele and tambourine.

In addition, she enjoys writing her own songs and lyrics. “Playing around with progressions on guitar and piano is extremely fun.”

As an online student for the past two years, FLVS has enabled her to have a flexible schedule when it comes to music and performing. “Not having to go to a physical school and have classes take up an 8-hour block of my day is a great thing, especially being an artist and musician,” according to Olivia. “The accessibility to my classes 24/7 definitely allows my schedule to be flexible, and I love that I can do my work and read my lessons at 2 AM or PM!”

Olivia isn’t signed to a record company as of yet; her father currently mixes and produces her music and has taught her nearly everything she knows about the music world.

About the future she says, “I hope to release a lot of good music, make dozens of music videos, go on many tours, play tons of live shows and eventually play award shows and get into the Rock and Roll and Songwriters Hall of Fame,” she says.

You can check out Olivia’s music at Olivia McComb Music.

This article was written by student reporter Cristi McKee and originally published by the FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click. 

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