Meet FLVS Student Stars

At Florida Virtual School, each student is recognized as an individual with a unique set of talents and skills.

Many of our students participate in extracurricular activities, some within FLVS and others within their hometown communities.

Every month, our students continue to shine as our highly-certified teachers encourage them to look ahead to what they can achieve in tomorrow’s world.

These are just a few of our students’ recent accomplishments…

Student to Tour Spain as Ambassador this Summer!

FLVS Criminal Justice student Danielle “Dani” Drouin has been selected by the International Police Association to represent the U.S. as an Ambassadress for the International Police Association in Spain this summer! She is one of two students selected from our country. She will tour Spain in a motorcade. Super honor, Dani!

Student Soars in Planetary Science!

FLVS AP stats student Kelly Van Woesik recently competed in the Brevard Regional Science and Engineering Contest. She received third place in the Earth & Planetary Sciences category for her research on “Effects of Ocean Acidification on Worm Rock.” Kelly also shared that she was awarded the only American Meteorological Society Award given out at the fair—a “Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for Ability and Creativity in an Atmospheric Science Exhibit.” Congratulations, Kelly!

Student Wins First Place in Science Fair!

FLVS student Madison Toonder was awarded first place in the environmental category at her regional science fair. In addition, she won a special award for “Taking the Pulse of the Planet.” She was awarded a bid to enter the Broadcom Masters science competition and was selected to compete in the Florida State Science Fair in March. Congratulations, Madison!

Sisters Rank High as Beach Doubles Volleyball Players!

Sisters Madelyne and Cassandra May Anderson are nationally ranked beach doubles volleyball players and have been at FLVS for two years. Cassandra, 14, is ranked #17 in the nation and #4 in Florida in the USA beach doubles rankings. Twelve-year-old Madelyne is ranked as the #1 beach player in Florida for U12 and the #2 in Florida for U14. The Palm Beach sisters are homeschooled and have been taking FLVS courses for two years.

FLVS Model UN Did it Again!

FLVS Model UN delegates recently participated in GatorMUN XII at the University of Florida in Gainesville—the largest high school Model UN conference in the southeast. More than 550 students competed with 32 schools represented. Florida Virtual School was awarded “Outstanding Small Delegation”; Phillipa Thompson received first place as “Best Delegate” as well as “Winner of the Gavel”; and Annie Cheng won second place for “Outstanding Delegate.” Congratulations to all our student delegates!

Two FLVS Students Play for Team USA!

FLVS students Zac Smith and Will West played football for Team USA in January at the Dallas Cowboy AT&T Stadium. For the second year in a row, Zac and Will were selected through a series of nationwide tryouts to represent the U15 Team USA in the 2015 International Bowl vs. Team Canada. Thousands auditioned for this opportunity and 47 were selected! Both of these young men have 4.0 GPAs and said they utilize the flexibility FLVS provides them to train for and experience opportunities like this. Due to the goal-oriented structure of FLVS, they complete the detailed weekly lesson plans in a timely manner, said Zac’s father Buddy, which “enables them to sleep longer, eat better, and train more than the other students who attend traditional school. For us, FLVS provides a tremendous competitive advantage academically, athletically and experientially as we get more time with them.” Way to go, Zac and Will!

Students Participate in Science Olympiad!

FLVS student scientists Nick Gomez, Samantha Morris, Erica Nathan, Victoria Obert, and Kathie Solosky competed in the Regional Science Olympiad on Jan. 17 at Lake Nona High School. They formed Team Jellybean and participated in the following science fields: Astronomy, Forensics, Cell Biology, Entomology, Bridge Building, and Chemistry. Victoria and Erica earned third place in Astronomy! Congratulations everyone!

Student Wins Photography Award!

FLVS student Victoria Barger won a Gold Key award for her photography entry in the Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards. More than 1,700 works were entered and less than 400 were selected for awards. Her piece will be on exhibit at the Main Street Library Gallery in downtown Jacksonville this month. Congratulations, Victoria!

Students Placed at Regional Latin Forum!

Congratulations to the following FLVS students who placed at the Regional Latin Forum: Casey Zeilman (first place Illustrated Booklets, second place Misc. Art, third place Greek Literature, and fourth place Posters/Charts), Sarah Gonzalez (two second-place awards in Hellenic History and History of the Empire), John Theurer (four third-place awards in History of the Empire, History of the Republic, Certamen, and Hellenic History), and Emma Hueckel (fourth place Drawing). Super job, everyone!

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  1. John

    Two FLVS Students Play for Team USA!
    FLVS students Zac Smith and Will West played for Team USA in January at the Dallas Cowboy AT&T Stadium.

    What sport was this?


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