Project-Based Learning in Online Education

Project-based learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question.

The benchmarks of high-quality, project-based learning opportunities include a challenging problem, sustained inquiry, authenticity, student choice, and reflection or revision. In a project-based assessment opportunity, the goal is not just to bubble an answer choice. Instead, the student needs to process through a complex scenario and apply what was learned from the content to produce a unique sample demonstrating understanding. 

So how do we incorporate project-based learning in the virtual world while still being engaging? In AP Statistics, there are four opportunities built right into the course. Students can design several different kinds of simulations (for example, creating a miniature golf simulation) and may have different outcomes depending on the approach they use.

The application of their findings will be unique based on their design, giving more opportunity for an authentic work sample. Finally, they compare their work to existing data for a reflection opportunity.

Think outside the screen!

It may take a little creativity, but the online setting can be an ideal place for project-based learning opportunities to occur.

When we present our students with chances to show what they’ve learned in unique and personalized ways, they astound us by producing work that authentically demonstrates mastery of the content. And, really, isn’t it every educator’s dream to be astounded by our students?

Post by Samantha Bowman, FLVS Math & Science Curriculum Manager

One comment on “Project-Based Learning in Online Education

  1. Cherise Austin Desota

    Absolutely! Students all have their unique abilities and curiosities. By giving them the opportunity to explore areas of interest related to the topic while engaging in a project-based learning experience teamed up with others, they emerge as researchers who explain their mastery of a problem.
    It is an excellent way to explore and delve deeply into subject areas with all kinds of traditional and online class setups.


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