Say No to Car Payments

Foundations of Financial Literacy
Did you know that less than half of high school seniors qualify as financially literate?

With student and household debt soaring, it’s time to help change that statistic. High school students can change the way they look at money forever with Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance, now available through Florida Virtual School.

Through this curriculum, nearly 2 million students have been empowered, equipped and entertained while building confidence in their own financial decision-making. Topics covered include saving, budgeting, debt, life after high school, consumer awareness, bargain shopping, investing and retirement, insurance, careers and taxes.

Dave Ramsey’s Five Foundations for Teens are:

1. Save a $500 Emergency Fund
2. Get Out of Debt
3. Pay Cash for Your Car
4. Pay Cash for College
5. Build Wealth and Give

Students learn incredible strategies and tips to achieve financial freedom. All the details you need to know to accomplish the Five Foundations are right inside the course.

First, it gets you thinking about money and finance. Next, it builds your financial skills and knowledge. Then, it gives you loads of opportunities to work on real life scenarios. Let’s face it, we all need practice on things that are challenging.

Do you have reservations about whether the Five Foundations can be done? Well, they can, and you can be that person who achieves financial freedom. This time it’s okay to be that person, and Dave Ramsey will show you how.

So come on, join us…

Don’t you want to be a millionaire?

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Credit: Russell Driesen, FLVS Curriculum Specialist 

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