School Counselors Are Celebrated Nationally! School Counseling Week: Feb. 1–5, 2016

School Counseling Week

From Feb. 1–5, 2016, Florida Virtual School celebrates National School Counseling Week. Each year we celebrate the unique contribution our professional school counselors, within FLVS and nationwide, contribute to our schools.

We celebrate the counselor who day after day helps our students prepare for life after high school. We celebrate the counselor who day after day helps our students learn from their failures and celebrate their victories, no matter how large or small. We celebrate the counselor who day after day helps our students learn to overcome personal and academic challenges so as to reach and build the future they seek.

During this special week we honor and recognize all school counselors who implement comprehensive school counseling programs, a vital part of the educational process for students as they meet the challenges of the 21st century. FLVS Counselors actively engage in helping students examine their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents. They work in partnership with parents as they encounter the challenges of raising children in today’s world. FLVS School Counselors focus on positive ways to enhance students’ social/personal, educational, and career development; and work with teachers to provide an educational system where students can realize their full academic potential and set healthy, realistic, and optimistic aspirations for themselves.

Here at FLVS, we are proud to have such a wonderful team of Professional School Counselors who are certified, experienced educators with a master’s degree in guidance and counseling. The combination of their training and experience makes them an integral part of our school and the total educational program we offer.

Join us as we celebrate our FLVS School Counselors for the impact they have on our schools, our students, and our families.

This post was written by Guest Blogger Dr. Patty Cordones, MS, D.Min, FLVS Professional Certified School Counselor. 


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