FLVS Student Becomes a Marvel Hero on Disney+

Hailey Scheinman is dedicated to making a difference in her community and around the world because of her twin sister, Livy. Livy was born with epilepsy, causing seizures that required multiple brain surgeries, many medications, and physical therapy from a young age.

At just 6 years old, Hailey was inspired to help her family raise money for the cost of physical therapy by selling homemade paintings and bracelets. Her small project magnified when her family and friends started hosting yearly lemonade stands called “Lemonade for Livy.” Their lemonade stand became a huge success, expanding into a national event that has raised more than $700,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation!

Hailey didn’t stop there! She is now the President and CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation Kids Crew, where kids can share their stories, help spread awareness, and participate in fundraising events.

“I want all kids to know that they are never too young to make a difference. They just have to get out there and do it! Anyone has the ability to change the world if they put their minds to it.”

This year, Hailey was selected as one of the young heroes to be featured on Marvel’s Hero Project, a Disney+ series about kids that are making a big difference! Her story, “High-Flyin’ Hailey!”, is the final of 20 episodes in the series, along with her very own comic book. Hailey shared that she has always been a Marvel fan and her biggest achievement has been the ability to inspire kids to become heroes too!

“I have heard from Kids Crew members, kids in my local community, and kids that have seen my Marvel’s Hero Project episode who have said that they want to make a difference because of what I have done. I have seen the accomplishments of the Kids Crew members who are holding events, talking to legislators, and presenting to their classes about epilepsy. To know that I was able to give them a platform to help them grow in this way is one of the best feelings ever.”

You can stream Hailey’s episode or read her comic today on Marvel’s Hero Project on Disney+.

What’s next? As a 9th grade homeschool student, Hailey says that Florida Virtual School allows her to have a flexible schedule while she travels. She explains that in the coming year, “I hope to expand the Epilepsy Foundation Kids Crew and spread it more around the world. I want to be able to empower more kids and build more acceptance around epilepsy.”

Hailey’s parents continue to support her as she strives to make a difference in the world. They shared, “Since Hailey was young, we could see that she had the drive, empathy, and heart to help others. She has grown into an amazing young lady who is setting an example for both young and old to follow. We could not be more proud of the person she has become and look forward to seeing the impact she makes in the world as she gets older.”

Fun Facts about Hailey

Favorite subject: Math and Science
Hobbies: Drawing on a tablet
Future goal: To work for NASA

Post by Elizabeth Jones, Social Media Intern

12 comments on “FLVS Student Becomes a Marvel Hero on Disney+

  1. Joy Kohler

    We are grateful to know these amazing family members.They are blazing the trail to epilepsy awareness. Much continued success!

  2. kohler

    We are thankful to know these astonishing family members.They are pioneering the path to epilepsy mindfulness. Much proceeded with progress!

  3. Penelope

    That’s amazing that one small child can make a big dent in the world by doing one thing, and it is not even benefiting her. How can someone be that non-selfish and giving?

  4. Mackenzie

    Wow that is amazing because my 12 year old brother has epilepsy, causing seizures that
    have had him have many medications, and physical therapy from also a younger age. I am glad that you have put so much effort in for not just your twin sister but everyone.. Thank you for everything..

  5. Julianne Blanchard

    I saw this episode and it has inspired me to advocate for animals with epilepsy I know its not the same but animals with epilepsy are put down in shelters after being abandoned. Epilepsy in animals is almost never talked about or explored further. Which isn’t fair at all.
    But good for you. You inspire me every day to do something nice for someone


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