FLVS Students Host Online Game Jam Session

Game designers and developers often gather in creative events known as Game Jams. Their goal is to program playable games in a short period of time. The excitement of a fast deadline and challenge has spurred many professional and Indie game creators to generate award-winning titles. These Jams encourage collaboration, quick problem solving, and creative thinking—and are a lot of fun!

This spring, Steve Berdy, FLVS student and Coding Club president, brought students together for an online Game Jam.

More than 60 students assembled into 15 teams earlier this year, meeting online in Zoom at 9 a.m. to discuss the rules and receive the secret theme: Everyday Heroes. After that, teams comprised of student programmers, game designers, artists, and more worked in breakout rooms to brainstorm, develop, and code playable video games. All in one day!

Each game had to address the theme of “Everyday Heroes” in a creative way. The results were amazing. The FLVS Game Jammers screenshared to present their work at 7 p.m., and judges awarded the following titles to six teams:

Best Overall Game – Best Theme – Most Artistic

Most Realistic – Funniest – Most Unusual

This student-led event was a unique opportunity for young learners to practice professional collaboration on a project they felt passionate about. Students volunteered their entire Saturday to work with others online. They learned new skills in the process, and they left with promising projects they can continue to develop over time.

Today, when the world searches for opportunities to work and play without being face-to-face, Game Jam is an inspiring example of what FLVS students excel at: getting together virtually to accomplish real-world tasks.

FLVS Coding Club hopes to offer more Game Jams in the future, so be sure to check your VSA inbox for future events or activities!

Learn more about our clubs at flvs.net/clubs.

Post by Irene Pynn-Cunha, FLVS Coding Club Sponsor and Elementary Curriculum Architect

12 comments on “FLVS Students Host Online Game Jam Session


      Hi Tamale, Game Jam is open to all FLVS Flex and Full Time students in grades 6-12. Students have a full day to collaborate and create an original game with their team on the day of the event. Keep an eye out for more information in the upcoming school year!

        1. FLVSFLVS

          Hi Tamale – In the past, the event has run for 12 hours. You can work individually or with a team to create all of the game assets. 🙂


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