Book Review

Books, Books, Books!

By on December 4th, 2015

FLVS Book Club“Divergent,” “War and Peace,” “Twilight,” “The Madman’s Daughter” . . .

Whether or not you love the written word, or you just like a good adventure, we all have books we just adore. What better way to explore the awesomely crazy realm of the written word than with a book club! It doesn’t matter if you love romance, sci-fi, fantasy, or indie books. The FLVS Book Club provides students with entertainment and knowledge about these wonderful genres.

In the FLVS Book Club, our sponsors and student leaders make sure that your reading experience is an awesome one by offering fantastic, and sometimes hilarious, summaries of the events that transpire in books. We also play sweet games based (at least loosely) on the books we’re currently reading. Continue reading