The Choice Is Yours: Celebrating School Choice in 2022

Our favorite part of Florida Virtual School? Amazing students and families like you! In honor of National School Choice Week 2022, we asked you to tell us what you like most about FLVS and you did not disappoint! From flexibility and freedom to creating connections with teachers and your peers—here’s what you enjoy most about FLVS.

Freedom & Flexibility

Nothing says FLVS like the freedom to learn anytime and anywhere.

“We enjoy the ability to complete assignments at our own pace and the decrease in the amount of stress surrounding school.”

– Becky, FLVS Parent

“The independence it gives me! It’s really preparing me for my dream job and just life!”

– Isabella, FLVS student

“How much the teachers want to see you succeed!”

– Ava, FLVS student

“The flexibility and the tools provided to help every step of the way!”

– Tina, FLVS student

And remember, you can enroll in individual courses with FLVS year-round! Learn more at

Engagement & Encouragement

FLVS students and families love how they can grow inside and outside the virtual classroom.

“It’s hard to pick just one, but the opportunities this school has provided me with is something I am immensely grateful for! Academically speaking, the opportunity to take dual enrollment classes and AP classes have provided me with the opportunity to get a jump start in college. As a matter of fact, these courses have given me the opportunity to complete an entire college degree! In addition, clubs offered at FLVS have given me the opportunity to learn more about topics I love, grow with mentors, and practice leadership skills. Finally, the teachers here at FLVS are absolutely incredible, and they have given all of the tools and support needed to excel in my future academic, professional, and personal endeavors.”

– Lacie, FLVS student 

“Opportunities for new experiences! My daughter stays on pace, so we have free time on Fridays. Last year, she did horse riding lessons. This year, she and I volunteer at Blue Spring State Park as roving manatee volunteers on the weeks that she doesn’t have school clubs. It has been a fantastic experience that we wouldn’t have otherwise.”

– Jenifer, FLVS parent

“How easy it is to get any help when needed.”

– Lucas, FLVS student

Community & Connections

Connections are strong, despite the distance. FLVS students and families love the sense of community and constant support.

“Amazing support system for students with learning disabilities and mental health issues. And support for parents to learn how to support their students at home. Best decision we made for our child’s education. Went from Ds and Fs to honor roll!”

– Jenifer, FLVS parent

“The connection to my kid’s education”

– Lindsay, FLVS parent

“How much the teachers want to see you succeed!”

– Ava, FLVS student

“The support of the teachers, counselors, and staff is amazing!”

– Jeanne Louise, FLVS parent

“Having teachers that communicate has been amazing! So many ways to communicate also. I can go on for hours how amazing this has been and changed my kids’ lives and mine. This is our first year and never want to leave.”

– Elishia, FLVS parent

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