Week of the Young Child

Week of the Young ChildThis week, the National Association for the Education of Young Children is recognizing young learners by celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers, and their families.

I can think of no better time to observe the importance of educating young students.

As the FLVS Full Time school leader for Kindergarten – 5th grade at our statewide tuition-free public school, I see the hard work and tireless efforts our teachers, families, and staff make to encourage and celebrate our young learners every day.

Online schools like FLVS Full Time bring high-quality education to some of the state’s littlest learners, providing a standards-aligned curriculum, structure, and support to families who seek increased flexibility, a safe learning environment, or more involvement in their student’s education.

For young students at FLVS Full Time, a parent or trusted adult plays a key role as a Learning Coach, working closely with the teacher to create a supportive learning environment in the home. While teachers are responsible for the instruction of students—providing lessons, working through the curriculum, and grading assignments—the Learning Coach helps oversee the academics at home.

As a child grows and gains personal responsibility for their attendance and lessons, learning firsthand how to truly own their learning, the role of this supportive Learning Coach may change.

Our commitment at FLVS Full Time is to help families find a learning environment in which their young learner can thrive. And, since technology comes second nature to today’s young learners, families are increasingly turning to online school as that option. Almost 95 percent of FLVS Full Time parents surveyed with students in grades K-5 agree that technology is improving the learning experience, and say their student is satisfied with the online school. Students work with virtual school teachers specially trained in the nuances of teaching online, but can experience the same real-time, lively interactions of a traditional classroom in the online setting.

Because students who attend our school need only an internet connection to go to class and study, families use online school’s built-in flexibility of time and place to “do school” anytime, anywhere. Families can fit lessons into their schedule while traveling on vacation, whether it be learning about marine life while swimming with manatees or practicing French while visiting Acadian, Louisiana. In addition, families can enhance their student’s learning through special outings to area museums or events that connect with a current lesson.

Our school is intentionally designed to embrace life outside the classroom, and the flexibility of online learning allows families more time to pursue other social events and extracurricular activities important to them.

This educational model has proven to be extremely successful for many families and their young learners, which is why I believe in it so much.

There is no better time to give a learner the opportunity to reach his or her full potential than when they are young. This Week of the Young Child, I am proud to be a part of an educational model that works hard to achieve this goal while providing the accountability and flexibility a young learner needs to prepare them for the world.

It is a small world, so why not have the flexibility to see it after all?

Post by Marcie Trombino, Florida Virtual School Full Time School Leader (Grades K-5)

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