What It’s Like Being a Student at FLVS Full Time

Thinking about the past five and a half years of being a student at FLVS Full Time, it would be impossible to count all the times I was asked “Wait, you’re in virtual school? What is that like?”

Today I will answer that very question: What is it like to be a Florida Virtual School Full Time student?

To me, being a student in FLVS Full Time is a lot of things. It is having free reign over my daily schedule and free time to do what I love. It is having convenience, flexibility, and the ability to do more. It is being supported by an amazing team of teachers who genuinely care, and learning how to be responsible and accountable for myself. It is also getting to experience and be a part of incredible things, such as filming for a French documentary and the Spanish Honor Society.

As an FLVS Full Time student, I have complete control over my daily school schedule. Due dates are given and I am free to plan my week however I want – something that gives me a lot of freedom on what I do every day. Being able to complete my lessons and assignments on my own time without a bell schedule is one of my favorite things about FLVS Full Time, because it means I get to spend my time doing what I love instead of sitting in a classroom all day.

My home away from home is my dance studio, where I spend 12+ hours a week taking and assisting classes – something I wouldn’t be able to do in a traditional school. It is the personalized and flexible schedule of being an FLVS Full Time student that allows me to dedicate so much time to my passions, without letting my academics fall to the side.

In addition, having a schedule that I am in control of has taught me some very important skills. Being in charge of my own schedule means that I am expected to know what needs to be done each week and get it done. This has taught me to be mindful of how I use my time and manage it so that I have enough time to get my work done in each course. It has taught me how to be more disciplined, as I am responsible for myself and my progress. Being in FLVS Full Time has also taught me the importance of determination and hard work when I do fall behind in my classwork and need to do extra work to catch up. Although at the end of the day I have my parents and teachers to help if I need it, being responsible for these things has made me much more self-reliant and independent.

And when it does happen that I am overwhelmed or need additional support, my FLVS Full Time teachers are always happy to help. Over the years I have had many teachers, and one thing stands true about them – they all wanted me to be successful. Always only a phone call away, I have had teachers help me design plans to help me catch up in classwork, go over wrong answers, and give me personalized tutoring. Not only have these teachers supported me through each semester, they have each made the courses interesting and inspiring through their own dedication and passion for the class.

Especially in more difficult courses such as math and science, I have found that my teachers truly love their classes and love teaching them and that passion helps the students. Enthusiastic World History teachers helped make what I considered a “boring” course fun and interesting through their passion for the subject. Caring Algebra II teachers helped me in a class I thought I would struggle in, by helping me find the methods that worked best for me. Through her passion for her class, my Freshman biology teacher planted in me a love for science that still lasts today. My FLVS Full Time teachers have not only helped me through the technical and structured parts of school, they have also helped me to enjoy learning and find my own passions.

In addition to enabling and inspiring me to do what I am passionate about, FLVS Full Time has provided me with some amazing opportunities and resources. I have had opportunities to travel, go on field trips, visit colleges, and meet my teachers and peers through face-to-face events. I have had the honor of being invited to, and accepted into, the FLVS Full Time Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society as well. I also had the great opportunity to be a spokesperson for FLVS Full Time and appear in a French documentary to talk about virtual school as an advanced way of learning and show how it has impacted my life.

Most importantly, through each semester I have had a dedicated team of knowledgeable teachers to guide and influence me, as well as an amazing high school counselor to guide my academic decisions. So, in the end, no matter how many times I have to explain what it is like to be an online student, I could not be more thankful for the experiences and opportunities I have had through FLVS Full Time.

Post by FLVS Full Time Student Elise Engstrom 

Photo Credits: FLVS segment of French documentary “Nous Demain” by J2F Production (LSD Films 2018)

FLVS Full Time is a tuition-free online public school that gives students the freedom to follow their own unique path to learning and build one-on-one relationships with teachers. Students enrolled with FLVS Full Time take all of their classes (a total of six online courses) following the standard school year. Interested in joining us for the upcoming school year? Learn more.

14 comments on “What It’s Like Being a Student at FLVS Full Time

  1. Tasia Cottman

    I feel the same way except I am scared to talk to my teachers because I know they have many other students to take care of, and I don’t want to get in their way. I cannot ask my mom or dad for help because my mom works all day and has health issues and has trouble helping me. I am a dancer also and work hard in school trying to keep my grades where they are. I love FLVS because there are many videos and notes I can look over to help me with my problems.


      Your teachers are there to help you! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need them and ask if there’s a time that works well for both of you! You can always text them too. We’re so glad that FLVS helps you dance and do what you love. Keep up the great work as you finish up the school year – we know you can do it! Have a great summer. 🙂

  2. Robert whobe

    When students are enrolled at FLVS Full Time, FLVS is their district of record and therefore has the obligation of providing necessary resources and supports.

  3. Deborah

    Hi, can students do their assignments and quizzes as well as chapter and segment exams at any time they want? Or do the teachers set up a fixed time for these? Are they all done online?


      Hi Deborah. Your schedule will depend on the courses you choose. FLVS Full Time students will need to complete weekly lessons and assignments for each course. FLVS Flex students have more flexibility to create custom schedules with teachers. All FLVS courses are composed of online activities, assignments, and assessments.

  4. Natasha Bell

    Is this a good option for a child with learning difficulties? My daughter is 12 and doesn’t fit into the “cluster” but she is developmentally delayed so the general education population presents challenges for her. I want her to be in a setting where she can learn at her own pace. I would appreciate any feedback.


      Hi Kristal. Yes, students enrolled in FLVS Full Time do have scheduled live lessons for each course on Monday-Thursday mornings. These lessons are recorded for later viewing but students are highly encouraged to attend.

  5. Sabina Wroblewski

    I just enrolled my son to kindergarten full time. How K schedule looks like for that group age?


      Hi Sabina, Every week, teachers host Class Time Monday through Thursday from 9 to 11 AM. FLVS Full Time students are required to attend the Class Time live teacher instruction three days per week. Outside of Class Time, each core course requires 3-5 hours of study and work time, and special courses require 1 hour a week. Hope this helps!


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