Why This Family Chose Florida Virtual School for Their Homeschooling Village 

Written by Monica Cardoza, mom to 11-year-old Aiden Cardoza, and Sofia Borden, mom to 10-year-old Sylar Borden, who are both FLVS Flex Homeschool Students 

We are so grateful we found our educational village in Florida Virtual School (FLVS). From the incredible partnerships we have developed with our children’s teachers, counselors, and even the executive team, to the amazing educational experiences their classes and clubs bring them, finding FLVS was a dream come true for our family!  

While there is an endless list of reasons why we chose FLVS for our children’s education, we want to share a few that may help you decide if FLVS is the right educational village for your family too. 

FLVS, You Had Us at Hello 

Aiden and Sylar learning about the Hoover Dam in their FLVS course

We are Monica Cardoza, mom to 11-year-old Aiden Cardoza, and Sofia Borden, mom to 10-year-old Sylar “SySy” Borden. We are a mother-daughter duo who raise our sons as brothers, though they are actually uncle and nephew, born just 11 months apart. Our family dynamics are somewhat unique, but our family needs are the same as any other.  

During the annual Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) Convention, we learned that FLVS Flex offers a variety of high-quality courses — from core classes, like math, science, and social studies to a large selection of electives, like computer science, world languages, and digital art and design. One of the best parts of selecting classes at FLVS is that you can choose to use the entire curriculum or just supplement parts of your own homeschool program.  

This may sound like a lot to take on as parents, but do not fear, you also have a phenomenal village of educators to help you every step of the way!  

Benefits of Online Learning 

Homeschooling and online learning can have a stigma associated with them, but we are here to debunk those old school ideologies.  

Social Butterflies 

FLVS students are incredibly social, intelligent, hardworking, and caring individuals. Don’t worry about your child’s social interactions! FLVS offers more than 60 spectacular clubs, from gardening and robotics to photography and coding.  

Safety From Bullying 

Whether attending a meetup online or in-person, the greatest educational relief we found as parents is that children are guaranteed a bully-free learning environment. In today’s world, not everyone can say this. Young hearts are just as precious as growing minds, so knowing our children are cared for by kind and supportive teachers and surrounded by like-minded peers, is just one more benefit we treasure. 

Advanced in Technology 

The structure of online learning at FLVS helps advance your child’s adoption of technology. Students learn via live online instruction, navigate recorded learning sessions, use guided online lesson plans, create interactive presentations, take part in one-on-one meetings with their teachers, and more.  

Outstanding Education 

The educational advantages FLVS offers is one of the most important reasons we chose them as our homeschool provider. 

Excellent Curriculum 

Sylar working on his DIY compost bin for the gardening club

The FLVS curriculum challenges your child to learn, grow, and become the best version of themselves. The curriculum not only meets Florida state standards, it goes far beyond. FLVS courses provide an engaging learning experience with interactive games and quizzes, video and audio, and practical written lessons and assessments.  

Student Clubs 

If it wasn’t for FLVS, Aiden and SySy may not have learned about the plight of endangered animals around the world.  And they might not have started Captain A TV, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to saving endangered animals and our planet Earth!  

Thanks to FLVS clubs, our children have spread their wings even more. Gardening Club has taught our entire family new lessons about caring for the Earth, and Photography Club always challenges Aiden to think outside the box with his photo projects.  

Flexible Schedule 

Our boys ask us daily how we can help our planet and animal friends. If they learned about sustainability or an endangered animal during their world language or science lessons for the week, then we may visit our local state parks or an AZA-affiliated zoo to enhance their educational experience.  With FLVS, we are free to explore without limitations.  

Partnership With FLVS 

FLVS has been our educational choice since our children started kindergarten. The incredible support from FLVS teachers, club sponsors, counselors, mentors, administrators, and leaders are all a part of our homeschool village!  

Sylar and Aiden doing their FLVS schoolwork

Our advice to those thinking of enrolling is to embrace the partnership. We know firsthand that FLVS is our partner, working for the same goal, growing our children for success as future leaders, and making a difference today. For information on how to enroll your child with Florida Virtual School visit flvs.net/HomeschoolTogether.

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