FLVS Works of Heart – Mr. Lozano, AP Psychology

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This year has undoubtedly been a year like no other, filled with uncertainty as we learn to navigate changes in the way we attend school, work, social events, and more. Throughout the year, students, parents, and staff have reached out to family, friends, and their local communities to share support and the result has been extraordinary!  

Instilling Confidence with Compassion

Florida Virtual School is honored to have supportive teachers across the state that go above and beyond every day to encourage students along their educational journey. FLVS Flex Psychology teacher Alejandro Lozano exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding instructor. After receiving the following message, Mr. Lozano acted quickly by reaching out to the student daily and collaborating with his parents to ensure his success.  

“Our son was a gifted, ‘A’ student. I never had to check on his progress, however, during the pandemic and with his grandmother having stage 4 cancer, he developed depression, anxiety, and OCD,” said his parent.  “He stopped doing all schoolwork, including FLVS, which he needed to graduate. He stays in bed all day, doesn’t talk to friends, or leave the house.  I don’t think he’ll finish his psychology course and therefore, will not graduate.”  

With Mr. Lozano’s support, this student was able complete his course, and as a result, graduate. His mother wrote to FLVS and said:   

“I wanted you to know that Mr. Lozano is a teacher who cares about his students and follows through with what he says.  He went above and beyond to help my son with his mental health and also to make sure that he could graduate.”  

Supporting Students During Challenging Times

Another FLVS Flex parent also expressed their gratitude for Mr. Lozano, explaining that her daughter struggles with anxiety, but Mr. Lozano’s weekly updates, feedback, and praise on her progress has been nothing short of amazing and made a huge difference in her daughter’s online learning experience. Her daughter shared, “Mr. Lozano is such a great teacher that inspires me to do better in life. I always make sure that I strive for the best since I have people like him supporting me.”

*This video references mental health.

Through these trying times, we are reminded how truly wonderful our teachers are. Thank you, Alejandro Lozano, for your dedication and compassion to our students and families this year!

FLVS is proud to recognize the dedication of all our teachers. Share your teacher stories with us at socialmedia@flvs.net.  

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  1. Julianne Blanchard

    Mrs.Corson is an amazing teacher swell I have Social Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Depression and she found a way to keep me comfortable during DBAs which ended up being Zoom

    1. Lexi Ridenour

      That is so sweet, glad you are working through it! Our teachers are so awesome, so much better than public school. Thanks, teachers!


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