Young Author Sets Sights on Political Service

Did you know that 97 percent of people who start to write a book never finish it? Out of every 1,000 people who set out to do so, less than 30 will complete the task. Well, we’d like to introduce you to someone who not only wrote a book—he had it published while in 8th grade.

Sharing Insights and a New Perspective through Writing

Fifteen-year-old Jett James Pruitt said his goal in life is “to help create a more peaceful, democratic, and just world, and I feel the best way to express my views is through writing in general.”  

The Palm Beach, Florida, resident is a student, author, speaker, and political strategist enrolled with FLVS Full Time. Jett wrote his first book at 14, Through the Eyes of a Young American. It’s a commentary on today’s political landscape and offers ways to resolve some of our nation’s biggest challenges.

When asked at what age he knew he wanted to be an author, Jett said, “I’ve been interested in politics since the age of nine and always felt the best way to express my political beliefs and proposals were through books.”

Jett founded the political news website,, and became one of the U.S. Press Association’s youngest members in history which has led to some unique connections and opportunities!

Enrolling with FLVS Full Time has given Jett more time to write and continue his passion. Last year, he won an English award from his teacher and his publisher nominated his book for the 2021 Pulitzer Prize. His favorite subjects are English, History, and Journalism. When he’s not writing or managing his political news website, he enjoys visiting the park, watching movies, and playing basketball in his free time.

Learning Something New Every Day

“I sincerely enjoy learning something new each day which is why I aim to read at least one book a week outside of my school studies,” he said. “My taste in books range from literary classics to current affairs, but I’m always open to reading new disciplines. I especially enjoy scanning through writing reference books. Mastering the English language is an art; it tantalizes the mind.”

Jett said within the next 10 years he plans to write 2-3 more books, intern for his local mayor, attend an outstanding college, receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Government/Politics and Journalism, a Juris Doctor from an Ivy League law school, and then serve in Washington, D.C. as either an elected official, a federal judge, or a political journalist.

Finding Flexibility with Online Learning

He and his mom said they are very thankful to FLVS and the flexibility it provides.

“To be honest, I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish all that I have thus far if it wasn’t for FLVS. The teachers are amazing, the instruction is personalized, and it offers an outstanding curriculum while providing flexibility to students,” said Jett.

It may come as a surprise to many, but Jett was nonverbal until age 4. He shared he wants “to remind students that delays are not denials—no challenge is impossible to overcome. The true meaning of success is not whether you get it right the first time, it’s the stacking of making progress every day. Intelligence in of itself is not the key to success; persistence is.”

Jett, FLVS has no doubt you will not only persist in your endeavors, but will achieve whatever you put your best efforts toward!  

Post by Suzan Kurdak, former FLVS Communications Specialist

4 comments on “Young Author Sets Sights on Political Service

  1. Deborah Hill

    Hi Susan, Thanks for being such a positive voice for others!! I was just reading your blog post about a young author, Jett Pruitt, and was impressed with his insights and passion to write and publish a book at such a young age! As I was reading it, I was struck that my son, with the same name spelled slightly different, Jhett Hill, also just published two children’s books – Billy and Penelope & Griffin and Shelly – this summer which are available on Amazon. He too was inspired to publish the books as a message of teaching kindness and inclusion to impact children during these very divisive and racially charged, bullying times we are all living. The books messages are very sweet and timely and would support any anti-bullying curriculum for elementary age children. Jhett is passionate about social justice issues and hopes to make a difference wherever he is able. Jhett has been an part time FLVS student for the past three years as well. Should you have any interest in running another blog about an author named Jhett, we’d love to share more of his story with you! Have a fabulous evening!!

  2. Holly Arnaud

    That is awesome about both Jett and Jhett! It excites me when students develop passions early on like this. We have some worldchangers in our midst!

      1. Deborah Hill

        Suzan, I wanted to be sure you knew that Jhett is, in fact, an FLVS student this year. He decided to take Physics Honors, this year and just added it to his schedule last week. We are awaiting approval.
        Just FYI, in case you needed a “current student” to do the blog piece you mentioned for National Bullying Month in October.


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