Why Every Teacher Should Go See “Hidden Figures”

By on March 1st, 2017

Hidden FiguresLast month I saw the movie “Hidden Figures” and I was so incredibly inspired.

I am a former English teacher, so my love is words and writing and reading. But I ventured to see this movie because it empowers women and sheds light on some pretty amazing mathematicians who had the power to make this word-loving English teacher a fan of math.  I mean, as a teacher I’ve always loved data, but for me, seeing this movie reinforced why numbers are just as important as words.

We look at data a lot in education, but most of the time I believe we are just looking at numbers and not really grasping the full story data can tell us.

Data does tell a story.

Sometimes it’s a story we don’t want to hear; sometimes it’s a story we already know and we’re just validated. Sometimes it’s a story we never gave any thought and a whole new path is opened for us. If the data you look at regularly is just numbers on a screen and it’s not telling you a story, maybe some insights from “Hidden Figures” will help. Continue reading


By on June 17th, 2013

InfographicsEfforts to increase literacy skills have been prevalent in education for ages, but numeracy—think literacy for numbers—is a lesser known topic that can be challenging for we non-math teachers to address.  You’ve probably noticed a trend over the last couple of years where people present statistical information with graphics.  This new infographic practice is making it easier for the masses to absorb numeric data with an image.  The intent is to simplify information and to give context to numbers that may be meaningless or hard to grasp. Continue reading