Student-Athlete Enrolls in Online School to Pursue Competitive Beach Volleyball

Florida is known for its sandy beaches and hot summer days. For student-athlete Isabelle R., those days aren’t limited to weekends and school holidays. She spends her time enjoying what the Sunshine State has to offer now that she’s enrolled in Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

Continue reading to learn how FLVS gives Isabelle the flexibility in her schedule to pursue competitive beach volleyball. 

Meet Student-Athlete, Isabelle R.

Growing up, Isabelle often watched her two older brothers play indoor volleyball. “I was always in that environment of being on the court, and after games I would run up to them,” said Isabelle. By the age of five, she was playing too. 

At 11 years old, Isabelle was introduced to beach volleyball. She had no idea what beach volleyball was until her friend and volleyball partner invited her to play for the first time. She explained, “It was my first tournament ever and it was raining. I had so much fun, and I loved it!” That first tournament inspired her to switch from indoor to beach volleyball, and the rest is history. 

Finding Balance On and Off the Court

As she continued to play, she started to travel more, which made maintaining attendance at a traditional school difficult. She knew she needed a more flexible school option going into the 2023-24 school year which led her to enroll as a freshman in Florida Virtual High School. “It’s really convenient for me because I travel a lot for competitions. I can be in the car and do my schoolwork, and if I need help, I can text my teachers.” Plus, she can do it all while not missing a day of school.

Now, Isabelle has more time for practice and to travel freely, which has helped her participate in more tournaments! Recently she’s traveled to tournaments in Texas and Georgia, and has a lot more planned. One of the events she’s most looking forward to is nationals. “That’s where you test yourself,” she says.  

Preparing for D1 Beach Volleyball 

Looking forward, Isabelle wants to pursue beach volleyball on the collegiate level. “I definitely want to go D1 [division one], and attend a good school where I can study sports medicine,” she continued “I’m really looking forward to that.” As a student-athlete, the NCAA-approved core courses offered by Florida Virtual School ensure Isabelle’s education stays on-track with her goals. “I think it would be really cool to be in the NCAA Championship.” 

So, what’s next? This April, Isabelle will be joining top junior players from across the country at a four-day beach volleyball summit to train with the best in the sport. We wish Isabelle the best of luck at her upcoming tournaments—and a happy National Student-Athletes Day! 
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