FLVS Club Awards Day: Celebrating Student Excellence

Recently, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) recognized over 200 student leaders at its annual Club Awards Day. The event showcased the accomplishments of students involved in more than 60 online clubs with performances, demonstrations, and club exhibit boards highlighting each club’s accomplishments from the year. But the best part of the day? Seeing FLVS students meet face-to-face (sometimes for the first time) and enjoying each other’s company.

Show Stopping Performances

Cheers from the elementary cheerleading club

The event featured performances by various student clubs, including demonstrations by the Mindfulness and Yoga Club, electrifying routines by the Elementary Dance Club to the song, “Can’t Stop This Feeling,” and a spirited performance from the elementary cheerleaders. It was so fun to watch all their hard work and dedication pay off!

Mindfulness and Yoga Club demonstrating the crescent lunge pose

Additionally, the American Sign Language (ASL) clubs showcased their proficiency in the language  through poignant renditions of “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” “Best Day of My Life,” and a collection of music created with the Glee Club called, “Songs of a Disney Hero.” 

Angelina signing with the Glee Club

ASL National Honor Society member and homeschool student Angelina A. learned sign language for three songs from the Disney medley. 

“I had such a fun time coordinating with the Glee Club,” said the Miami native. “Club Awards is such a unique and exciting opportunity to meet each other in person, I feel like I’ve known these people forever!”

Connection Through Clubs

Clubs are imperative, not just for the opportunities and experiences but for the camaraderie built between classmates in an online learning environment. 

“Beyond accolades, our annual Club Awards offer the opportunity for our students to connect face-to-face, share experiences, and forge meaningful bonds with peers,” said Mae Martin, student activities manager. “This ceremony underscores the vital role of extracurricular activities in nurturing social growth, camaraderie, and enrichment within our virtual school community.”

“Club Awards is a great way to meet students in person who you’ve already met in FLVS online club meetings,” said Alvin L., a Florida Virtual High School sophomore and treasurer of the National English Honors Society. “I love that I can interact with friends I’ve made from my online school,” said the Sarasota native.

Colorful Exhibit Boards

Club exhibit boards on display

Also during the event, students, families, and FLVS staff had the opportunity to view 45 student exhibit boards. The boards featured colorful and artistic representations of each club’s accomplishments this school year. From culinary arts to fitness, competitive gaming, and animal care, the displays showcased the depth of student engagement that can be achieved through online learning.

A Special Thanks

The event was made possible by the FLVS Foundation’s generous sponsorship of student awards, which continues to champion student success and enrichment opportunities. 

With more than 60 clubs, FLVS offers something for every student—from a gardening and photography club to our student newspaper, “News in a Click.” Learn more about FLVS clubs and activities

To sign up for a club next school year, students must attend our virtual Club Rush events. Plan to attend on September 6 for students in kindergarten through fifth grade and September 5 for students in sixth through 12th grade.

Club Award Winners

Elementary School Clubs

  • Art Club K-1: Alexandra R., Ayden C.
  • Art Club 2-3: Falconerie A., Brantley A.
  • Art Club 4-5: Tea V., Reilee B.
  • Book Club K-1: Malakai C., Oliver P.
  • Book Club 2-3: Lily E., Tyne M.
  • Book Club 4-5: Layla D., Rafael G.
  • Cheerleading Club: Rowan B., Lacy J.
  • Cooking Club K-1: Jason R.
  • Cooking Club 2: Brantley A., Jeremy C.
  • Cooking Club 3: Briar Lily C.
  • Cooking Club 4: Juliana R.
  • Cooking Club 5: Kennedy R., Liam L.
  • Dance Club: Claire N., Hailey A.
  • Flex TV Production (FNN) Club: Lily A.
  • FVES Journalism: Anzulbella D., Julianne B.
  • Gardening Club K-2: Dylan W., Alexandra R.
  • Multicultural Crafts Club: Olivia W., Addison B. 
  • Photography Club: Shelby M., Luke M.
  • Robotics Club 2-3: Robert S., Emiliana A.
  • Running Club: Ryan C., Oliver P.
  • SNN TV Production: Delilah B., Reese D.

6-12 Club Awards

  • American Sign Language: Daniel O., Mira P.
  • American Sign Language Honor Society: Angelina A., Kendall M.
  • Anime Club: Ava K., Nimue F.
  • Art Club 6-12: Abbey H., Lilliana A.
  • Asian Heritage Club: Gianna G., Alvin L.
  • Coding Club: Kingston J.
  • Cooking Club: Chloe C., Cassina R.
  • DECA Club: Harmoni W., D’Liyah L.
  • Drama Club: Yolanda D-P.
  • Esport Video Game Club: Blakely B., Deryan D.
  • Fit Club: Blossom A., Alexis A.
  • FVMS TV Production: Natasha L., Delicia J.
  • Florida Future Educators of America: Emme D., Emma E.
  • Geography Club: Sylar B.
  • Glee Club: Ireland J., Alexandra O.
  • GSA Club: Coya H., Nicole P., Samantha B., Jayvionna N.
  • Health Occupational Student Association (HOSA): Monica C., Leo I.
  • History Club: Savannah F., Robert D.
  • International Club: Ava T., Presley V.
  • Junior Gaming Club: Ian N., Mia M.
  • Latin Club: Mary Grace B., Bryan Z.
  • National English Honor Society: Avin L., Valarie H.
  • National Junior Honor Society: Rilee S., Morgan S.
  • National Honor Society: Arianna M., Gloria H.
  • Peer Tutors: Sydnie M., Melanie N. 
  • Photography Club: Aiden C., Lucy N., Charlie P.
  • Pop Culture Club: Lia D. 
  • Science National Honor Society: Arianna M., Ambriel K., Kyana H.
  • Senior Class Club: Jett P., Carmen M.
  • Spanish National Honor Society: Rachel W., Amber L.
  • Speech and Debate Club: Amaya S., Steven G., Lucero M. 
  • Student Government: D’Liyah L., Ella J.
  • STEAM Club: Abby G.
  • Technology Club: Omar A., Destiny J.

Katie HodginsKatie Hodgins brings her wealth of experience and passion to the FLVS team, assuming the role of Content and Public Relations Specialist. A military veteran and lifelong learner, Katie enjoys communicating unique and innovative stories about people, places, and opportunities to inspire and engage the next generation. Having traveled throughout the world, she is excited to plant roots here in Florida and with Florida Virtual School.

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  1. Katelyn K

    Club awards was AMAZING this year!! I got to meet most of my friends, and even ate lunch with one of them! I preformed ”Best day of my life” with the ASL middle school club and I am the one holding the ”I” in the photo- if only it where a souvenir 🥲


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