Online Students From The FLVS eSports Video Game Club Level Up!

After countless battles fought in digital realms and endless strategies discussed via headsets, online students from the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) eSports Video Game Club jumped from screens to handshakes. The FLVS Fury Team became the first online student club to meet in person at the new FLVS headquarters in Orlando.

Gaming Galore

FLVS Fury team members show off their hard-earned medals.

FLVS Fury team members explored the new FLVS headquarters in Orlando, FL, as they played a friendly round of Mario Kart with each other. But things got serious when students faced off against their parents and FLVS team members. 

“Bringing students from our virtual gaming club together in person was not just about playing video games,” said Mae Martin, FLVS Student Activities Manager.  ”It was about creating a space where students could connect, bond, and forge friendships beyond the confines of a screen.”

“I’m so glad I joined FLVS Fury,” said Lilli A., a sophomore and team captain. “It has been the best experience, and everyone is so nice and welcoming.”  

Gaming time

She also highlighted a unique benefit of the club – the ability to stay connected as teammates throughout the week through gaming sessions. This continuous communication fosters friendships and develops essential skills like teamwork. 

Sophomore Reed M., the Mario Kart team captain knows firsthand the importance of these skills. “Our coordination and communication have been game-changers. We’ve outmaneuvered other top teams because of our coordination,” he proudly stated.

Florida Virtual School science teacher and eSports Club Coach Trent Lambart, who has led the team for four years, is a staunch advocate for gaming’s benefits beyond entertainment. 

FLVS Fury team members enjoy a pizza lunch.

“There is a benefit for teamwork, communication, and other soft skills,” said Lambart. Gaming makes students work together to complete a common goal, which is important for the future of our students. The meet-up was an absolute blast, and we’re eagerly anticipating more events like this in the future!”

A special thanks to the FLVS Foundation for sponsoring the pizza lunch, during which club members bonded over discussions of all things gaming, FLVS, and life.

Next Up: National Championships

Go FLVS Fury!

At the end of May, the  Mario Kart and Splatoon teams will compete at the High School eSports League National Championships. These competitive teams have put in the commitment, practice, and hard work, and look forward to playing (and hopefully beating!) the best in the nation.

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    :OO Wow that sounds fun! I was surprised to hear this was the first club to meet at FLVS headquarters- that’s so cool! I hope more clubs do the same!


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