#Classof2022: It’s Our Time to Shine

This post was written by 2021-22 FLVS Full Time National Honor Society President, Aani Mehta.  

Hello everyone, my name is Aani Mehta and I had the privilege of being your National Honor Society President for the Class of 2022.  

I can’t believe that we’re done with high school, finally! Some of you might be going to college or taking a gap year and others might not know where your journey is going to take you next.   

A lot of people say that we peak in high school, and if you don’t, cue the weirded-out expressions. Here’s what I have to say about peaking: Our life is like climbing Everest. You cannot shoot to the top while you are an inexperienced climber. And likewise, you cannot peak in life without having enough life experiences.  

2022 National Honor Society President Aani Mehta

A “Fin”-Tastic Journey  

As our Megabyte mascot is a shark, I am going to loosely quote someone. A shark can only grow several inches in a small tank, but in the open ocean, it will grow several feet. Many times, our surroundings prevent us from growing to our full potential.  

So change your surroundings! Explore your environment, have fun discovering who you are, and watch how you will grow. I think it is high time for us to fin-ish this chapter of our lives with a splash and go swim in the ocean of life, where we can reach our full potential.   

It’s okay to not know what your next chapter of life holds for you yet. As graduating seniors, we have grown throughout our high school journey and our past experiences have influenced who we are today.  

We will continue to grow even more throughout our journey after high school, and new experiences will influence who we will become. Just remember, you are the narrator in your story, and you decide if and how your experiences will influence you.   

Virtually Unmatched  

When I went to FLVS in middle school, we were sorted into different houses. Mine was the Beacons, and I know that there are several of you in here who were also in that house. Those students exemplified a kind of brightness and willingness to help support their peers to conquer anything, come what may.   

I know that most of you probably didn’t go to FLVS middle school, but here I can honestly say that if everyone in the class of 22 had to be sorted, today, we would all be Beacons.  We are a class that has come together, face-to-face, from a school where that is virtually impossible, pun intended. We are a class that cheers and applauds for each other for the smallest of things, be it getting an answer right in a live lesson, or giving a suggestion for an event.   

Hold on to this optimism, positivity, and open mindedness, because these characteristics make you a Beacon. Wherever you go from here keep being a beacon, blazing new paths, beaming with a mile-wide smile, and shining like the whole universe is yours.  

And now, in the words of Bilbo Baggins, I regret to announce that this is the end. I am going now. And I wish you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye!  


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Congratulations, FLVS Class of 2022!  
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