Congratulations to our Contest Winners

contest winnersFrom the simple to the spectacular, we heard from all kinds of students during our “Go Ahead: Succeed” contest. Using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, students submitted photos of themselves and told us how they have succeeded with FLVS.

Thank you to all of our amazing students who entered, from athletes to artists to world travelers to bookworms. We loved hearing your stories. Keep the success going and let us know how FLVS has helped you or your family in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Instagram by following us at @floridavirtualschool. We might even share your story in a future post!

Take a look at the winning entries below…


Meet Marissa, our Contest Winner by Popular Vote.

“FLVS has helped me succeed in many ways. I have been taking FLVS classes since I was in 8th grade, and I am now in 11th, dual-enrolled in college, and I have all but 1 of my high school credits.

Thanks to FLVS, I am able to succeed in a way that I could not have possibly done without the amazing opportunity to take many of my classes online.”

sambinaMeet Sambina, our Winner Chosen at Random.

“FLVS has helped me in a plethora of ways because I am able to manage my schedule with FLVS which I was not able to do at my regular school.

I get to communicate 1 on 1 with my teachers and get their attention unlike in my regular school.”


Meet Olivia, the Judge’s Choice winner.

“Being enrolled in FLVS is the perfect fit for me and my family. My dad works in the Islands of the Bahamas and my family and I spend a lot of time traveling. FLVS allows me to pick the classes I’m interested in and gives me the flexibility to travel. I can do my school work anywhere and anytime.”

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