Meet 3rd Grade Synchronized Swimmer Jennah

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This week, we hear from Jennah H., a third grade student at Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT) who shares her love for both FLVS and synchronized swimming.  Jenna started attending FLVS FT during the 2014-15 school year so that she could attend swimming practice more often. She has won every competition she entered this year – all while keeping straight A’s!

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Last summer I heard a commercial for Florida Virtual School and begged my mom to let me do it.

I was tired of being bullied at school and always feeling tired at practice. In second grade, I cried every day after school because I hated it so much. I am much happier now doing third grade at FLVS. FLVS is better than regular school, because you are not bullied by other people. I also get to do advanced classes at my level instead of waiting on the rest of the class to learn something like at regular school.

FLVS has been a great help to me. I can finally achieve my goals in synchronized swimming. Unlike other schools, I can work at my own pace and stop halfway through the day to practice synchronized swimming. Another reason that FLVS is better is that I am not tired at Synchro Practice. I can wake up whenever I want and get started. I love it so much that I want to stick with it for my whole life!

I love synchronized swimming. It is water ballet, a mix of swimming, acrobatics and dancing. Since I have started FLVS, I have had more time to practice every day – allowing me to get first place at almost every meet! I also started taking ballet during the school day, which helped me get better at swimming and follow a new passion. Now I am moving up in ballet and synchronized swimming. I love FLVS – it has helped me soooo much!

 Post by: Jennah H., FLVS FT Elementary Student

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