10 Things You Didn’t Know About Clubs at FLVS  

Did you know Florida Virtual School club members build their own video games? Or that they cook up new recipes every week? Or that they ran the full length of the Florida Keys (and then some) during a Virtual 5K?

With 60+ clubs to choose from you can connect with your classmates, cultivate your passions, and create your own path. Here are some fun facts about FLVS clubs to help inspire your next adventure.

With FLVS clubs, discovering your next adventure is as easy as 1,2,3. Get started at flvs.net/clubs.  

Florida Virtual SchoolFlorida Virtual School (FLVS) has been leading the way in Kindergarten-12 online education for 25 years. FLVS provides a robust, award-winning curriculum to public, private, charter, and homeschool families and school districts nationwide. Learn more at flvs.net.

23 comments on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Clubs at FLVS  

  1. Charlie (Chuck)

    I have not started a club yet, but my 2 sisters have and they love it! Like so much so that it is one thing my mom will be like “If you don’t get this done, then you don’t do your club this week.” and they get into check real quick! I bet my mom loves that. I am thinking about doing a club next semester or next year when I am in 9th grade because I am still getting used to FLVS even though I’ve been with them now for 2 years. It is a lot of work and I don’t want any distractions, but I think I might give it a go next year. I am also thinking about doing the Chess Club or the Yearbook Club.
    -Charlie Urquhart

      1. Chuck

        Wow! I hope you get to 8th grade with FLVS. FLVS is a great program and I really hope you are getting the things you need like me. You learn a lot more in FLVS than you do in regular face to face school because you don’t have all the distracting kids and teachers that talk off topic. I hope you get the full ride of FLVS and reach your goal to get to 8th grade!

  2. memelover92

    I have started a club and it is great! We have lots of great activities and they are so much fun! Next year (if you haven’t joined a club yet) You should totally join next year

  3. katelyn kiss

    Cool!!I joined the gardening club last year this year I have a few ideas of clubs I want to join!Most likly snap or the chess maybe both!Also does flvs flex middle schoolers have a coding club?

  4. Keren

    hi, are the clubs virtual or in person? how can I find one in my area? The PE clases are only virtual? or in person?


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