10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Blog_Earth_Day_2017Earth Day is full of reminders to take time to protect our planet.

Across the state of Florida, local events are planned to pick up trash on the beach, recognize local farmers, and celebrate science and its contributions to ensuring everyone has access to clean water, soil, and air.

Search local events on Facebook to find fairs, speakers, art vendors, and other resources that promote an awareness of sustainable life choices.

Are you volunteering anywhere for Earth Day? Tell us where in the comments below!

Whether you’re heading out for the day or plan to stay at home, these tips can help you make a difference on Earth Day – and every other day too!

1. Go for a bike ride or a long walk (leave the car behind).


2. Plant a tree in your backyard.


3. Hold a nature “scavenger hunt” by making a list and getting a group together to find things at a local park.


4. Print out some Earth Day posters and place in strategic positions around the house.


5. Talk about saving water when brushing your teeth and make sure all faucets are completely turned off.


6. Bake your favorite cookie and decorate with icing to look like the planet earth.


7. Gather family and friends together and combine a picnic or other excursion with a litter clean-up.


8. Set up a recycling center in your home or school.


9. Look through your shelves and find some books to give away via your local charity shop or library.


10. Save energy by turning off the lights when you leave a room.


Linda ChildsLinda Childs teaches Earth/Space Science and Forensic Science at FLVS. She is a lover of the three S’s (Science, Space and Sports) and is a certified NASA ambassador providing support with lessons and educational outreach. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching students’ light bulbs go off when they understand a concept. Challenging them to make connections with science so they better understand it is her goal. On weekends and evenings, she can be found in basketball gyms either watching her two kids play on teams or at the Amway Arena cheering for the Orlando Magic.

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