5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with FLVS

April 22 is Earth Day! And while we can definitely get behind showing appreciation for the Earth every day, there are so many little things we can all do to celebrate and help save the Earth. So, we’ve put together five super easy ways to get started! 

1) Plant a tree.  

2) Join a local clean-up. 

3) Check out environmental courses at Florida Virtual School like:  

  • Agriscience Foundations 1 
  • Environmental Science 
  • Marine Science 

To learn more about the earth, how it works, and ways you can protect it!  

4) Add pollinator-friendly plants to your garden.  

5) And keep growing with Florida Virtual School clubs!

You can help make a difference with your classmates with clubs like: 

  •  Agriculture Club 
  • Gardening Club 
  • National Honor Society 

Show us how you’re celebrating Earth Day by sending us a note and photo at socialmedia@flvs.net or tagging us on Instagram!  

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