Reasons to Stick with Online School this Spring

With so many families new to online learning this year, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is focused on helping current students and families plan for a successful spring semester.

As online learning continues to grow in popularity for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, Florida families are encouraged to enroll early in spring courses with FLVS Flex to stay ahead of the curve and continue learning uninterrupted. Studies have shown that teachers are better able to support students and maintain continuity when they are not disrupted by mid-year changes.1 By continuing their studies online, students are able maintain academic momentum in a safe, stable, and supportive online learning environment.

With FLVS Flex, students can choose start dates in January or later in the spring semester to pace themselves or move through material more quickly. Many homeschool families find success by taking 2-3 courses at a time, starting a few in January and others mid-semester. For families who aren’t sure what courses to take this spring, download these handy course progression guides for middle and high school to help your student stay on track.

We know that there all kinds of benefits to virtual school, from gaining time management skills to improving online communication, but there are other perks too! Check out the following list of reasons students (and parents) love attending Florida Virtual School.

1. Every day is spirit day.

You don’t have to worry about what you will be wearing on the first day “back to school” in January. Every day can be spirit day! Stay in your pajamas, wear your favorite sports jersey, keep the bed-head, and make it crazy hair or hat day. Virtual school is a judgment-free zone. No one will mind if you haven’t brushed your hair or teeth yet!

2. Bus? What bus?

You can wake up five minutes before your live lesson and still be on time! In addition to having extra time in the morning, students and parents enjoy having extra family time and opportunities to travel or explore other interests and activities. One FLVS parent says, “The “flexibility of the curriculum has made it so much easier to continue with our schedule.”

3. Study whenever you want.

Want to do school at night? That works! Study between midnight and 6am. Want to finish all of your assignments by Thursday? Go for it! BONUS – you’ve just created your very own 3-day weekend! Want to be done with school in April? With FLVS, working ahead and finishing your courses early is always an option.

4. Get answers when you need them.

Have a question? Text your teacher! Didn’t understand the material on that really tough lesson? Help is available! With online courses, there is no more waiting with your hand raised. No more waiting in line. No need to wait for lunch, the bathroom, or teacher attention.

5. Study anywhere you want!

Do you miss the movement between classes or around the classroom during the school day? Go ahead and move your laptop from room to room in your house every 50 minutes! Better yet, take your laptop to a free Wi-Fi spot and have lunch while you work on your assignments.

6. Get involved in clubs and activities.

Join special online student activities and events which happen all year long, rain or shine! During the spring, Florida Virtual School offers student activities for National Pi Day, World Fest, Shakespeare Fest, Celebrate Literacy Week, and more! There is always something special going on at FLVS.

7. You will always have the best seat in the class.

Enroll in spring courses with FLVS Flex (Florida) or FlexPoint Virtual School (U.S. & International).

1 Eric A. Hanushek, John F. Kain, Steven G. Rivkin. (2004). Disruption Versus Tiebout Improvement: The Costs and Benefits of Switching Schools, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 88, Issues 9–10, pp. 1721-1746.

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  1. Alison Ackerman

    As of now we are monitoring the pandemic before we decide what to do. Am I reading correctly, we need to enroll now? At this time my son is “Save My Seat” 5th grade Spring Lake
    Thank you,
    Alison Ackerman


      Hi Alison, We recommend reaching out to your local school counselor to confirm your student’s enrollment for the 2021-22 school year. If you are looking to enroll with FLVS Full Time, enrollment begins in June. You can find more information at Hope this helps!


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