A Peek through the Lens

photography coverWhen our daughter was 9 years old, we enrolled her in the FLVS middle school (M/J) Creative Photography course. We thought since Ellie wasn’t getting the creative instruction in her traditional school curriculum (it seemed to be all test preparation in straight dull rows), she would be able to find that spark of inspiration through this online elective.

Little did we know the significant impact it would have on her and how this shy little girl would find her inner voice through her camera’s lens.

When Ellie completed the two-semester course, she had a firm grasp on the science, math, writing, and history of the field of photography. The course gave her technical experience with a heaping helping of the inventors and photography trailblazers that draw us into their images whether in color or black and white.

All too often, parents are reading about schools eliminating or narrowing the catalog of electives. Students are required to take so many courses that fill their day with college and career readiness, but what if their career path directs them to the arts? Are districts cheating students out of the joys of elective choices? What kind of students are we molding if they are not permitted to enroll in the arts?

The educational standards for M/J Creative Photography are rich and meaningful. The skills students learn are accompanied by literacy practices (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking) that foster growth and application across the curriculum. The coursework is rigorous and students are supported by a team of photography instructors with a wealth of knowledge to share.
I find it interesting to note that the term “photography” literally means “to write or draw with light,” and that we are able to “read” photos just like we would read a story or poem! As a Literacy Coach at FLVS, I enjoy collaborating with our Creative Photography instructors and peeking through their lenses at the work their students proudly showcase.

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Read more about our M/J Creative Photography course or our high school Creative Photography course in our online course catalog!

Dr. Jeanne GiardinoDr. Jeanne Giardino, FLVS instructor, has a true passion for all things literacy. She enjoys the collaborative process in promoting reading in all aspects of virtual education. Having held a variety of positions with FLVS since 2006, she brings a global perspective to her current position. After 20 years in the field of education, she maintains a wealth of literacy knowledge and enthusiasm for student success.

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