An Introduction to FLVS Curriculum

At Florida Virtual School, we develop online courses designed for every type of student and any type of schedule. All of our options, including FLVS Flex, FLVS Full Time, and FlexPoint Virtual School provide the same award-winning curriculum.

Developed by our very own team of qualified curriculum specialists with expertise in their respective subject areas, our online courses allow students to receive a comprehensive, high-quality education. 

At FLVS, we use current technology and resources to connect students with their certified teachers and classmates. Read on to find out more about each type of course we offer, and how we may be your perfect educational fit!

Core Courses

When it comes to the basics, FLVS offers a variety of core courses that satisfy state requirements for the elementary, middle, and high school student. From English and Mathematics to Science and Social Studies, we’ve got you covered! We even offer Physical Education courses like HOPE and Fitness Lifestyle Design, which help students develop a healthy physical lifestyle and mental mindset.

When it comes to Math and Science courses, learning online doesn’t prevent students from completing hands-on lab activities either. Courses are collaborative, and students are encouraged to connect with fellow classmates to build and cultivate relationships that will last a lifetime. 

To get a feel for one of our Core courses, check out our video on Anatomy and Physiology. You can also view our course demos

Taking core courses through FLVS is a lot easier than you may think; teachers are available when needed, and they tailor live instruction and communication based on their students’ preferred learning environment. We offer core college prep courses as well as Honors courses, and are constantly revising and updating our curriculum to stay relevant and on-par with the rest of the Kindergarten-12th grade learning space. 

For student athletes looking to add an extra course to their resume or take courses full-time with us, our core courses are NCAA-approved to support your path into college athletics. If you’d like more information on NCAA requirements and eligibility, please check out our NCAA Athletes page.

Elective Courses 

Have you ever thought about taking guitar lessons or becoming a photographer? What about becoming a lawyer or psychologist? Did you know that students can explore these interests (and many more) through elective courses at Florida Virtual School that meet state requirements for Kindergarten-12th grade? With elective options like Journalism, Life Management Skills and Personal Financial Literacy, students can take their hobby or curiosity to the next level. 

Teachers and faculty at FLVS are here to make sure students succeed and provide guidance every step of the way. Like our core courses, our electives have certified, knowledgeable teachers who are available when needed.

To get a feel for one of our Elective courses, check out our video on Leadership Skills Development. You can also view our course demos

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

For those interested in a future occupation that is in high demand and typically higher-wage, we offer Career and Technical Education courses. Certain courses even offer industry certifications to help students jumpstart their career. Courses range from Criminal Justice Operations to Foundations of Programming, and offer a deeper look into what a career in that industry would involve.

Learn more by visiting our CTE page. You can also check out a video about our Foundations of Programming course to get an idea of what students learn.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

For students hoping to get a head start on college courses, we’ve got you covered! Florida Virtual School offers 15 Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved by the College Board that will help students prep for their undergraduate degree. We offer courses like AP Biology, AP Calculus and even AP English Language and Composition.

Annual enrollment for full-credit Advanced Placement courses opens each June, giving students enough time to complete the course before AP exams in May of the following year. Now is a great time to check out all FLVS has to offer to get ready for the next chapter in your education!

Learn more on our AP Courses page.

World Language Courses

Have you been thinking about learning a new language? Would you prefer to learn Spanish or French on your own time, on a schedule that’s tailored to you and your learning style? At Florida Virtual School, we offer a variety of World Languages at different levels for grades Kindergarten-12. We even offer a course in American Sign Language that familiarizes students with the basics of ASL and deaf culture.

Learn more on our World Languages page.

Students and parents can also try a few courses for themselves on the Preview Courses page that includes a brief demo for select subjects.
If online education through FLVS sounds like something you would like to explore more, get started by visiting our FLVS Course List.

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